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Alien Human Breeding Erotica

Title:  Breeding Season For Aliens

Series:  Bizarre Sex Stories No.1

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lolly Pope

Language: English

Length:  7,919 Words

ISBN:  LC4450004

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3D Ebook Cover - Breeding Season For Aliens ~ Bizarre Sex Stories No.1 ~ by Lolly Pope

Breeding Season For Aliens


A few minutes later, Veda comes out of the shower. Naked. Both Dan and me stop talking and stare at her wonderful body. She’s not very tall, but she’s okay for a human. Her skin is really white and looks like what people call porcelain. She has small tits, but they look very nice, making my mouth water. I want to suckle on them. My eyes slide down to admire her sweet shaved pussy. Oh, I can’t wait to taste that. Being so alike to humans makes it a lot easier to get in the mood and breed.

“Why are you two, boys, still dress? I thought we’re gonna have sex to get me pregnant!”

I’m up from my seat in a flash, while Dan pulls his t-shirt off and throws it away. Veda comes to me and I wrap my arms around her waist.

“See, your friend gets the idea. Why don’t you?” she grins, caressing my chest.

I bend and kiss her for the first time. Of course she doesn’t know that. While I push my tongue in her mouth and move it slowly, I close my eyes and enjoy it. She tastes sweet and fresh. Like sin. Damn, I can’t wait to be inside her. My cock jerks in my pants when I imagine the things I wanna do to her. Still kissing her deeply, I let my hands travel down her body and cup her buttocks. Her skin is silky and very nice to touch.

“You two are so hot, man!” I hear Dan mumbling.

I break the kiss and throw him a sideways look as I smile to Veda who’s pulling my button down shirt out of my jeans. Dan is sitting on the couch and has his pants unzipped, his cock out. He’s a decent seven inch size with a reasonable girth. Excited, he’s rubbing himself watching us.

“You sure about this, kitten?” I ask Veda.

“Oh, yeah, I’m positive. You want a baby, too, right?”



Occarions are aliens living among people on Earth. They came here to survive and they need to breed every woman they can get. Jim and Dan, two of the Occarions living in America, decide to share women to increase their chances at having a baby. Veda, Jim’s girlfriend is not their first victim and she’s really nice, but because they’re press by time, Jim and Dan use their special abilities to coax her into their den and give her the best night of her life.

eBook TAGS    Alien Sex, Alien Breeding Humans, alien erotica, sci-fi erotica, fantasy, sex, hardcore, Breeding & Seeding


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