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Father Daughter Non-Consent Incest

Title:  Wife's Wicked Plan

Series: Sleeping Daughter No.1

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Naughty Ladies Publications

Language: English

Length:  6,211 Words

ISBN:  LC1100287

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3D Ebook Cover - Wife's Wicked Plan ~ Sleeping Daughter No.1 ~ by Reed James

Wife's Wicked Plan


She climbed out of the car, adjusting her dress, then sauntered to the door. I didn't bother putting my cock away. It was dark and I was hard. I followed after her, my dick bouncing before me. Tiffany left the door unlocked. We were inside in a heartbeat, kissing, moaning, our bodies pressed together, our hands roaming.

Clothing came off. I hadn't been this turned on in so long. Tiffany danced through my head as I stroked and caressed my wife's body. We moved across the living room, leaving a trail behind us, and then reached the stairs.

“Ooh, yes,” my wife moaned as she darted up the stairs, her naked ass shaking. I caught shadowed glimpses of her pussy covered by her trimmed, brown down.

I followed that gorgeous ass, my cock bouncing before me.

My wife darted down the hallway and then paused before our daughter's bedroom. Our daughter's door was half open. My wife pushed it all the way open and froze. A shudder ran through her body. What was she doing? I slowed as I approached, all too aware I was naked.

Naked and hard.

“Come here,” she whispered, motioning to me. “You have to see this.”

“What?” I asked. “I'm naked.”

“She's sleeping. Come on.” She motioned again. “The pill will keep her out no matter what we do.”

I swallowed and padded down the hallway to her, my dick bouncing before me. She seized my shaft, stroking me as I joined her at the doorway. I peered into my daughter's room. Moonlight spilled silver across her, painting her body. My eyes widened. She slept only in a pair of frilly panties, lying on her back, her firm tits rising like cones as she breathed slowly, her brassy-brown hair spilled about her pillow. One arm held her teddy bear that she claimed to be too old for.

And yet insisted he still sleep with her.

“Isn't that a beautiful sight?” my wife whispered in my ear as she stroked my dick.

I could only groan as my wife pressed against my side, her nipples hard on my flesh. Her hand gripped me, stroking faster. My dick ached in her hand as I couldn't tear my gaze away from my daughter's sleeping form.

“Isn't she blossoming into a beautiful, young woman?” my wife purred. “Mmm, doesn't she make you ache with her sensuous form.”

“Betty,” I groaned. “What are you saying?”

“Those tits. God, those are great tits. Still so firm. Ooh, yes, she may not be as big as mine, but they are still gorgeous.”

“Betty,” I gasped now, shock shooting through me.

And my wife kept stroking me.

“You saw her step out of the bathroom today, teasing you. She waited, you know?”

“Waited? What?”

“To step out of the bathroom. She made sure you were in the hallway. Little girls love to tease their fathers. She's been doing it for a while, but you never noticed. But you did today. I could tell.” She squeezed my cock. “You stared at her all night in her dress, looking at her ass, her small tits. Mmm, you're so hard.”

“Because you're stroking me.”

Her lips brushed my ear. “Because you want to fuck our daughter.”



Phil is realizing his daughter has become a women when she steps out of the shower, teasing and flirting. Thoughts bloom in his head. His wife, Betty, notices and comes up with a wicked plan. Betty brings her husband Phil into their daughter's bedroom, eager to see her husband take their sleeping daughter's virginity. Wife's Wicked Plan is a 6300 word incest, menage, father/daughter/mother, virgin, first time erotic!

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, father watch daughter sleeping, father pops daughter cherry, virgin first time cherry, father mother menage daughter, daddy daughter fuck, sleep sex unconscious, voyeurism


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