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Mythical Creature Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Selyna The Elvenymph

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  8,120 Words

ISBN:  LC8400007

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3D Ebook Cover - Selyna The Elvenymph ~ Selyna No.1 ~ by Kelly Addams

Selyna The Elvenymph


“My people have no home,” Ham said, “We tunnel, sometimes we stay for some days, sometimes for several months... but we always move on, so in answer to your question, I have a tunnel close by... but not a home!”

“A wanderer like me,” she chuckled, “I am also without a home, expelled from the place where I felt secure, exiled because of my nature.” Selyna omitted the fact that she had a home in the woodlands of the west, her mother's realm, it suited her mood to feel... outcast. She was a vagabond, a free spirit... a true wanderer, and inside grew a feeling of excitement...

For the first time in her life, she felt truly alive!

“When will you leave?” Ham stared at the fire.

“At daybreak,” she replied, “I will continue my journey north.”

The Huldrekall stood and turned to face her, his long penis hanging flaccid, his tail twitching like that of a stalking cat. “I myself had begun to think about moving on again... and I had also considered choosing the northern path.” easing forward his tail snaked between her thighs as he spoke. “I have wandered to the east and the west... and most recently the south, which is why you find me here!” Selyna gasped as the tip penetrated her stretched hole, then with a groan she parted her thighs and lifted her hips to meet his renewed exploration.

“Maybe our paths lie in the same direction?”

Selyna closed her eyes, and reaching down she grasped the wriggling tail and pulled it deeper.

“You wish to travel with me?” she groaned, “You wish to use my body again, tomorrow, and the day after that?”

“And the day after that too,” he chuckled as his massive cock began to rise again, “And after that!”

Selyna moaned softly as she reached forward with her free hand and began to encourage the returning life in Ham's massive member.

“Perhaps our paths do lie together, at least for a while,” she whispered as she stroked the now rigid meat, “As far as the river, then I think I should continue alone.”

Hammet smiled, then drove his tail so deep that Selyna squirmed and bucked. “As far as the river... yes, I think that I can live with that!”

The Elvenymph opened her eyes and gave him a sympathetic smile, “You have to understand, it is another curse of sorts that I have grown to accept... my affections are fleeting... it's nothing personal, just a part of my character.”

Ham nodded, and withdrawing his tail he knelt between her spread thighs and placed the swollen tip of his cock against her gaping entrance. “I am under no illusions Selyna... just give me the days between here and the southern bank, with that I am content!”

“I will give you until then,” she gasped as slowly he slid his purple glans between her slippery lips, “That much I will promise... and now that we have agreement Ham,” a grin spread across her lips as she chose her words.

“Now Hammet the Huldrekall, my travelling companion, fuck me hard like I've never been fucked before... and don't forget to use that wonderful tail...

You know exactly how, and where I like it!”



Banished from her father's home Selyna must journey to the forests of the west to join her mother. For some she is an abomination, a taboo mix of species, her father, a sober and sensible Elf, and her mother a wanton and insatiable nymph. For others she is a fascination... and a temptation. So she must leave the sensible Elves and live in a place where her kinky character cannot cause further problems. So begins her epic & kinky journey!

eBook TAGS    mythological creatures, fantasy, elf, nymph, huldrekall


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