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Menage While Pregnant Erotica

Title:  Pounding Pregnant Pam

Series:  Kelly's Quickies No.2

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  3,390 Word Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC4450003

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3D Ebook Cover - Pounding Pregnant Pam ~ Kelly's Quickies No.2 ~ by Kelly Addams

Pounding Pregnant Pam


Pamela Johnson stroked her swollen belly and smiled contentedly. Dawn was just breaking and she had been awoken by a barrage of hefty kicks. “Can't wait to get out?” she whispered. Until the day before she would have agreed, she hadn't been able to wait to see her feet again... but the night before her life had changed... dramatically!

Pregnancy brings cravings, some normal, some obscure. Pam thought that the desire for cucumbers was pretty obscure... until the phase passed and a new craving possessed her.

Pamela had begun to crave sex.

Good news for Bobby her husband many would assume, except for the fact that Bobby refused to make love until after the birth. Weeks of frustration had built up emotions like a pressure cooker inside the pretty young woman, and without fail, pressure has to find a release.

Hesitantly she had taken herself to a local bar, her intention to pick up a stranger and get herself seriously fucked. But she found that the sight of an eight month heavily pregnant woman to be intimidating, and so she started her evening of passion with frustration... until inspiration struck, quickly she launched a personal advert on Craigslist, Pregnant woman seeking no strings sex!

Her evening suddenly turned from disappointment to triumph as first Jon pounded her eager pussy and drank warm milk from her tits, then later, nineteen year old David hammered her twice leaving her floating somewhere close to heaven.

But then her evening had taken a turn for the even better when he casually suggested that his friends would probably like to fuck her also. In an instant she agreed as David arranged a date for the following day.

Dawn now broke on that following day and Pam began to count hours. She had arrived home very late and found Bobby asleep, and looking down on his peaceful expression she felt a twinge of guilt, but as she watched him she felt a trickle snaking slowly down her inside thigh, she watched her husband sleep as the cum of two other men leaked from her hungry pussy.

“What I'm doing is so wrong!” she whispered, but closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she lifted the hem of her skirt and ran her fingers through the watery sperm as she stood beside the bed. “I'm sorry Bobby, but you had your chance. If you would fuck me I wouldn't be doing this now.” a slippery finger slid into her mouth and with her eyes locked on her lovers face she tasted the other men. Who could really say who coated her fingers... mostly David she acknowledged, not only had he been last to fuck her, but he had also spunked inside her twice. But there would have been a bit of Jon too. She shuddered again, she was a slut... a dirty slut.

“And I fucking love it. And tomorrow baby, I don't know for sure how many there will be, but a whole gang of youngsters are gonna bang me hard.” Once again her hand slid down between her legs, and her busy fingers quietly brought her to orgasm.



Pounding Pregnant Pam... the second story in a new series – Kelly's Quickie's, a set of short stories with a quick bang, always featuring dirty girls and horny guys, who are as liberated as we would all like to be! In part two heavily pregnant housewife Pamela, who has an insatiable craving for sex, satisfies her kinky urges with a group of energetic young men outdoors in the park.

eBook TAGS    pregnant, cheating, sex with strangers, slut, Menage, Swinging, Cuckolding


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Heat Level

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