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Menage While Pregnant Erotica

Title:  Insatiable

Series:  Kelly's Quickies No.1

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  3,570 Word Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC4300034

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Insatiable ~ Kelly's Quickies No.1 ~  by Kelly Addams



Pam felt the baby kick again and felt slightly guilty about her thoughts, she did love Bobby, but he had made it very clear that he wouldn't entertain love making again until after the birth. Which leaves me limited options she thought as she finished her coffee, but my craving for cucumbers wasn't half as powerful as my craving for sex is now!

“It wouldn't be cheating,” she whispered silently, it would be beneficial, because being this stressed can't be good for the baby... I have to relax, and I'm positive now that this is the only way.


The mental debate was nothing new to Pam, she had been having the same discussion with herself for weeks. Her pregnancy was going in phases, the morning sickness hadn't lasted long which she counted as a blessing, her first serious craving had been cucumbers, and many would say that she could have cured her second craving just as easily with a cucumber, and she had tried... several times, but as the saying goes... they just couldn't scratch the itch.

She had fought the need for weeks, some nights she had snuggled up to Bobby as close as her stomach would allow, but he remained stubbornly unresponsive even though she knew that he was pretending to be asleep. As a single woman she had bought a toy to keep her company on lonely nights, soft, pink and fleshy it held a pair of batteries and still worked as well as the day that she first brought it home... but it just wasn't cutting it. Yes, she would cum under the vibrating stimulation, but the relief was fleeting, almost as soon as she turned it off she was ready again.

A trip to the clinic confirmed what she had already guessed, it was down to a hormonal imbalance... pills would put her right... but Pam didn't want to take any medication with a baby aboard. Day after day and night after night she hammered her pussy with the dildo, cucumbers, carrots, fingers... but she felt the frustration mount constantly. She considered begging Bobby, but he always cut the conversation before it could even begin.

I gave him a chance she told herself, but failed to feel much better about what she had decided to do. She had run out of options, she had tried just about everything and had reached the very end of her patience.

There was only one thing left to try, and she had a plan. A plan that she was about to put into action that same evening while Bobby was vegetating in front of the television. It wasn't a particularly elaborate plan, or well thought out... she even tried to ease her conscience by thinking of it as simply a game... but she had to try.

She just wasn't sure that she would find anyone willing to play along.



Insatiable... the first story in a new series – Kelly's Quickie's, a set of short stories with a quick bang, always featuring dirty girls and horny guys, who are as liberated as we would all like to be! In part one meet heavily pregnant housewife Pamela, who has an insatiable craving for sex, but not with her husband, she wants it with strangers! As many strangers as possible!

eBook TAGS    pregnant, cheating, sex with strangers, slut, Menage, Swinging, Cuckolding


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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