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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Sister & Brother: Hooker & Pimp

Series:  N/A

Author: Ginny Watson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Annamunde Publishing

Language: English

Length:  4,120 Word Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC1200151

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3D Ebook Cover - Sister & Brother: Hooker & Pimp ~ by Ginny Watson

Sister & Brother: Hooker & Pimp


“Use your imagination!” Brian chuckled, “My clients like a girl who is adventurous. There aren't really any rules except one... keep the client happy. Face facts Clara, these guys will be coming to you to get what they can't at home... most of them are married, most of them are frustrated. “I love my wife but she won't swallow when I cum, I love my wife but she refuses to even consider anal.” You have to smile and tell him... “I always swallow baby, or fuck my ass and call me her name... that turns me on!”

“I thought your girls were escorts?” Clara smiled despite feeling a great weight landing on her shoulders. True, the financial burden had lifted, but it had been swiftly replaced by uncertainty... she wasn't exactly worldly, she didn't swallow, she'd never taken a cock in her ass... could she really be what these clients wanted, or was she going to disappoint?”

“We both know that's my way of polishing this thing until it looks different from what it is, I run a string of hookers, nothing more, nothing less. And just because you're my sister doesn't mean you get treated any different, no-one will ever know that we're related... I'm going to treat you like any of the other girls. Now that's out of the way, why don't you slip out of that gown Clara, and stand there by the door where I can see you.”

“I'm naked!” she whispered.

Brian grinned. “Of course you are, you think I didn't know that. I'm a professional Clara, I would never sell something that I've never seen or tested. I wouldn't be in business now if I sent out girls with ugly bodies, or girls that didn't know how to give the best blow job, or ride cock like a dirty nympho slut... only when I'm satisfied will I start introducing you to clients!”

“I'm your sister!” Clara gasped yet still stood and walked to where Brian had indicated she stand.

“This is business!” Brian said, suddenly serious, “I already told you, I'll treat you exactly the same as the other girls... so you are going to strip for me, then you are going to suck my cock... then Clara, you are going to sit on me, and fuck me like your life depends on it... because, unless I'm very mistaken... it probably does. Or, you can take my money out of your purse, put it back in the safe... and walk away to prepare for the eviction!”

“That won't be necessary,” she whispered and slipped the gown from her shoulders and threw it across the arm of the closest chair. “Because I can accept your terms brother... sorry, Boss!”

And losing herself in the sheer insanity of the situation she danced closer and massaged her breasts close to his face, before sinking to her knees... ready to suck on the beast that her brother was eagerly freeing from his pants.

“Goodbye morality!” she whispered silently as she parted her lips and drew the erection into her mouth. Hello depravity, hello shame... hello taboo!



Clara needs a loan, a big loan and the bank manager has been sympathetic, yet still said no. But he has hinted at where she might be able to find the cash she needs... her brother Brian. But can she really ask to borrow so much from family, does he really have that much spare cash... what does he even do for a living? Innocent Clara is about to find out, and she will be shocked!

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Lovers, True Erotic Romance, Sibling Ribaldry


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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