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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Karen And Her Daddy

Series:  N/A

Author: Ginny Watson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Annamunde Publishing

Language: English

Length:  4,600 Words Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC1100284

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3D Ebook Cover - Karen And Her Daddy ~ by Ginny Watson

Karen And Her Daddy


Karen checked the time, it was only thirty minutes later than usual but it felt like hours, and breathlessly she stripped. And I'm not carrying my panties this time she told herself, it felt as though she was taking away a safety net, she would be completely exposed when she reached the road, and she gave a small gasp as she pictured the truck driver from her morning expedition.

“I do have the courage!” she stated as she stepped back into the fierce sun, I am going to show myself... someone is going to see me naked today!

“This feels so good.” she chuckled as her feet carried her quickly back downhill, in the distance a dog barked, all around her birds called and insects chirped, but she was oblivious, her focus was on the road ahead and the deep, distant rumble of a diesel engine. There was a truck approaching... and if she was quick, she would be in the perfect position before it reached the blind bend at the bottom of the villa's drive. Standing at the tree line she would be facing the centre of the curve, the driver would be facing her head on for a few seconds... they couldn't help but notice her.

“I'll let him get an eyeful, then I can dash back into the trees!” Karen shivered at the thought and increased her pace, it would be touch and go if she could reach and get into position before the optimal moment had passed, but when the engine note changed as the driver shifted to a lower gear her confidence rose... she was going to make it.

And Karen did make it with a few seconds to spare. Racing past her hiding place of the morning she reached the very edge of the stunted olive trees and ancient oaks. She was stood atop a low ridge that looked down onto the curve, but it was higher than she had imagined... the driver wasn't guaranteed to spot her.

“Lower!” she gasped, her earlier assumption that just to be naked would be enough had flown away, now she had to be seen, a man had to look at her naked body before she would be satisfied.

Small stones and a cascade of dried dirt fell away from under her feet as she scrambled quickly down to a narrow ledge a few metres above the level of the road, she was totally exposed now and her heart jumped up into her mouth as the high cab of a rusting truck appeared at the corner.

“Oh my fucking God!” She whispered as a pair of fingers flew automatically between her legs. She could see his face, an ordinary man, older than her father, his chin heavy with a thick beard. The ubiquitous cigarette dangled from the corner of his mouth and a cloud of thick smoke billowed as he fought with the gear shift to change back up as the engine note increased.

“Hey!” Karen shouted in her frustration, and the hand that had been so busy working her sodden snatch now waved frantically to draw attention... but her efforts were in vain, the truck had passed.



Karen isn't sure if she really wants to move to Morocco to live with her father, because his villa is in the middle of nowhere, half way up a mountain and about a million miles from civilization. But Karen is an adaptable girl who soon discovers that there are very interesting ways to fill the hours, nudism is one way that leads her into a new and exciting life when her daddy catches her naked.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, teen, taboo, fetish, nudist, flasher, exhibitionist


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