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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Kennel Maid Kaeko

Series:  N/A

Author: Anna Mann

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Annamunde Publishing

Language: English

Length:  3,600 Words

ISBN:  LC4500089

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3D Ebook Cover - Kennel Maid Kaeko ~ by Anna Mann

Kennel Maid Kaeko


Warm water ran through her long black hair, a genetic gift from her Japanese mother along with her almond shaped eyes. Her nose, larger than normal for an oriental girl, and above average height she had inherited from her Scottish father. She blinked away shampoo and reached for a towel... the alarm had rung at dawn and she had dived into the shower still half asleep, never an early bird, unemployment hadn't called for her to rise too early so her system was still adjusting to the shock.

But I'll be ready by the time I get there she told herself as she wrapped in a fluffy towel and headed back to her bedroom.

Her bedroom, once a shrine to the boy band and all else worshipped by young teen girls had been completely remodelled as she turned eighteen, she had to leave childhood behind, she had entered the difficult world of adults, the world of her parents and their friends. She had to show her maturity... the greatest problem was that in her heart she was still thirteen, and the remodelling paintwork had only just dried, just two weeks had passed since her birthday.

But I've been job hunting since I was seventeen, this adult thing is just legality, eighteen simply makes me official, and allegedly responsible, she chuckled.

Anyway, age is just a number... seventeen, eighteen, twenty... thirteen! Who cares that I still like things from when I was a kid, turning eighteen doesn't mean I have to turn boring too!

Standing before the full length mirror she frowned. She had dropped the towel and stood staring at her naked reflection. “Those are still thirteen,” she sighed as she stared at immature looking breasts. During her teens her figure had developed perfectly with, to her mind, just one flaw, her waist had pinched in nicely to emphasise a perky round ass, her legs had toned and lost the gangliness of youth... but her boobs appeared to be stuck in a time warp, frozen at the point of puberty... doomed never to mature!

“But that's not important now, because I don't want to be late.” she said aloud and began to dry her hair, she wanted to look perfect, she wanted to impress her new boss... she wouldn't let him down.



Meet Kaeko, a cute haft Japanese teen desperately seeking a job, any job! Now meet Daniel, a dog breeder with a most interesting and taboo sideline. He needs a willing kennel maid, she needs the work... it looks like a match made in heaven, but how will the innocent virgin react when she discovers who the stud dogs really breed?

eBook TAGS    bestiality, asian, japanese, taboo, canine K9, knotted


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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