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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Call Of The Wild

Series:  N/A

Author: Anna Mann

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Annamunde Publishing

Language: English

Length:  5,040 Words

ISBN:  LC1600094

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3D Ebook Cover - Call Of The Wild ~ by Anna Mann

Call Of The Wild


Tanya had left the capital hours before, not that Bangui was any different to anywhere else she had been in the war torn Central African Republic, the struggling government had tried to impose a little normality, but the battle was an uphill struggle, especially when most of the population saw terrorism, hunger and strife as their normality.

And she shouldn't have been driving alone, there were just too many variations on disaster waiting out there, mechanical failure, punctures, the terrible condition of the roads, flooding, subsidence... those were just a few of the regular obstacles when driving in Africa, but add to those more natural calamities the human element and her trip upcountry, alone, literally screamed stupidity! Corrupt police looking for any motorist to extract a fine or bribe, the thugs who kill police for their uniforms who look for any motorist to take everything they have... including their lives... terrorists, rebels, petty warlords... even the kids who will flag down a passing car only to empty a full AK47 clip through the windows.

The UN and other NGO's travelled in convoy, safety in numbers, and so Tanya would have preferred... but her trip wasn't work, it was personal, and rather than hang around the capital until she found an aid convoy or United Nations patrol to tag along with, she had decided to run the gauntlet... and it has been quiet recently she had reminded herself as she cleared the city limits... there hadn't been a reported atrocity for weeks!

She was heading for Yata-Ngaya Faunal Reserve, a small oasis of peace and serenity between the nightmare of the Republic where she worked, and the horrors of Sudan's Darfur region where her long term partner Travis was stationed, it had been six months since they had last been able to steal a few days together, and Tanya was growing suspicious. Were they drifting apart? Travis always laughed when she posed the question, but her fears grew... he was handsome after all, and surrounded by equally sex starved and nubile young women from around the world... he was only human!

It never occurred to her that her situation was identical, she was in the same mix of ex-patriot workers, Americans, French, Belgian, Spanish... nationality meant little when surrounded by famine and war, they were one large and usually quite functional family. And affairs happen! She shook her head to dispel the images forming in her mind. Travis hadn't been as enthusiastic as she had hoped when she suggested they meet at the lodge again. She had earned a break... so had he, but she was gradually getting the impression that when he did take a break, he would have preferred not to take it with her.



Tanya's worried, is her boyfriend drifting away? They have been apart for 6 months, she's in war torn CAR, he is based in Sudan, and they plan to meet at a lodge, but Tanya has misjudged her timing & night has fallen, dangers lurk everywhere.. but none greater than the rebels on her trail, in a panic she decides to ditch her 4x4 & hide in the bush, where she finds the most unusual of guardians in the guise of a massive, & very horny alpha baboon.

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eBook TAGS   bestiality, alpha, baboon, threat and danger, wild Africa

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