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Interracial BDSM Erotica

Title:  Jaded

Series:  N/A

Author: Beth Kean

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  PMO Publishing

Language: English

Length:  24,930 Words

ISBN:  LC4400007

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3D Ebook Cover - Jaded ~ by Beth Kean



With great trepidation Jade stripped in the small storeroom of the bar, it was a lot busier than she had expected, Rogelio strapped the collar around her neck and pushed the tail deep into her ass, clipping a lead to the collar he pushed open the door and led her across the filthy floor, her humiliation was immense, laughter and cheers followed her as she scrambled on all fours after her owner, he patted her head and tied the lead to the leg of a table. Eyes burned into her, in all her experience in the adult industry had she ever felt so degraded.

"Hey Rogelio, can I pat your dog?" someone joked, he chuckled.

"Help yourself, I think it likes its tummy tickled, maybe it will roll over for you." the watchers burst into laughter, hesitantly the man approached, unsure of himself, Jade didn't move, her eyes were fixed to the floor, the touch was trembling, she didn't react, with growing confidence the hand stroked her ass, a second hand joined, and a third, stroking her back, wobbling her ass, tugging the tail. She felt another hand grasp her breast and squeeze, still she didn't move. She knew it was only a matter of time before a finger would probe her dripping hole, Rogelio jerked the lead and gave her a hard stare, Jade fixed her gaze on the tiles again, Rogelio reached forwards and patted her head, "Good girl."

Time and time again she felt them explore her, probing fingers, some gentle, some harsh, always pushing inside her, her face remained expressionless, she made no objections, no movements, she knew she was dripping, her flow constant but she was so deeply under the control of her own obedience she felt that she was merely observing someone else, it wasn't happening to her.

It was inevitable, she clearly heard a zip behind her, out of the corner of her eye she saw Rogelio nod his consent, moments later the cock entered her, she stifled a groan, the pumping increased rapidly, he was small but energetic, obviously driven to the peak of desire he climaxed quickly, she closed her eyes as she felt his withering cock slip out of her, seconds later it was replaced and the pumping resumed, she lost count of how many times the spent cock in her dripping pussy was replaced by a hard and fully charged tool, it felt like being on a production line, the same process constantly repeated. She felt hard cocks pushing at her cheeks, urgently seeking her mouth, she refused none.



Jade is a photographers model, and Jaded follows her career as she dives ever deeper into the disturbing world of pornography. She is the model who never says no, she is a complete slut, she is submissive, she is bisexual and she is about to learn that extreme pain is also on her growing list of things that she loves!

eBook TAGS    interracial black and asian, bondage, submissive, lesbian and bisexual, fisting, pain, domination


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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