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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The Snowstorm

Series:  How Daddy Warmed His Virgin Daughter

Author: Veronica Sloan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Veronica Sloan

Language: English

Length:  16,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1100280

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3D Ebook Cover - The Snowstorm ~ by Veronica Sloan

The Snowstorm


It was supremely awkward to hug his daughter to his chest when the act forced him to both squeeze her breasts and pull her body into his penis, but the gesture was habit. Usually there were clothes between them--a lot more clothes. "Don't you give up," he whispered in her ear. As he leaned in, the scent of her, cool and fragrant, like frozen tulips, slithered up his nostrils and dripped down his throat. He could taste her, fresh and sweet, and it did not do a thing to lessen his erection. He groaned in frustration, which he hoped she took as anything but the guilty lust that ruled his heart.

"No, daddy," Alexis sobbed. "That's not what I mean. This trip. It was supposed to be so special. And instead...oh, it's a disaster!"

He could feel her little heart banging wildly at her breasts. He squeezed her again, and she moaned. He pulled her deeper into his chest. "It's a disaster we'll face together," he promised.

"No, no," she continued. "That's not it. I'm so... I'm supposed to be scared, and I am, but right're holding me and...and all I can think is...all I want is--" Was it a sigh or a sob that leapt from her lips? Whatever it was, the frustrated passion was undeniable. "I want you," she whispered fiercely.

"W-what?" he stammered.

"I'm glad it's so dark," she said. "I can't bear to look at you right now. I just need you to...touch me." Her hand slid over his and clamped his fingers over her soft mound. The gesture was unmistakable.

"Can you?" she whispered, frightened to the core of her lonely soul.

As she wiggled her cute little bottom, he couldn't believe his ears. The same adoring voice that had asked him for driving lessons, that had asked him why the sky was blue and why whales weren't fish, was begging him to touch her. She rolled his rigid cock between her buns and begged him again.

Their teeth were chattering. For a moment, he could convince himself he didn't know what she was asking, but he could not ignore the way she squeezed his hand over her breast. "Daddy, please," she moaned. "I don't want to die a virgin..."

He chuckled to break the tension. "You know, that's usually the guy's line..."

Alexis rolled in his arms. He groaned as those luscious breasts pushed into his chest, as she forced his stiff prick against her soft, shivering stomach. She gave him the eyes. He was helpless against those eyes. "I'm serious, daddy," she whispered to him. She reached for his cheeks, and he for hers. Her lips were blue, and he frowned with paternal concern.

"Baby, we've got to get you warmer. I'll see if there's any blanket we missed--"

"Don't you dare leave me," she commanded. Her angry breath misted in the narrow space between them. "I can't feel my toes, let alone my lips."

He didn't know what else to do. Taking her beautiful face, he kissed her blue lips. She moaned into his mouth, and quickly offered her tongue. He was just trying to warm her, he told himself, but it felt too good to stop.



It was supposed to be a beautiful weekend in the mountains, until disaster struck! When a freak snowstorm traps Alexis and her father inside their cabin, she's sure their lives are over. As they huddle for warmth, their naked bodies pressed tightly together, she whispers to her daddy that she doesn't want to die a virgin. What else can he do but give in to her passionate desire?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Mother Son Sex, Mother Daughter Lesbian Romance, Brother Sister Taboo, Group Sex, Wife Swapping, Sexy Grandmother


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Relative Taboo

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