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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Mom's Little Troublemaker

Series:  N/A

Author: Victoria Blackstone

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Victoria Blackstone

Language: English

Length:  7,835 Words

ISBN:  LC1000224

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Mom's Little Troublemaker ~ by Victoria Blackstone

Mom's Little Troublemaker


He watched as my nipples grew, until the twin peaks were pushing aggressively at the sheer cotton of my nightie.


He tore his gaze away from them. “You forgot.”

His gaze drifted back down, and for several moments he studied me, as though burning the image into his memory. Unable to resist, I stretched, forcing the thick nubs into even firmer contact with my nightie, then, before I lost my nerve, I reached out to draw the back of a finger up the length of him. “Forgot what, sweetie?”

He groaned, his eyes closing. I had a finger pressed to my lips, when they came open, and he smiled, shy. He pushed against me when, again, I drew a finger over him.

I exhaled, allowing my hand to fall. Almost immediately, though, he moved closer, his frustration evident.

It was intoxicating, the way he sought out my touch, and again, I drew my nails up the inside of his thigh. “What, sweetheart?”

“You forgot to...” He allowed his gaze to drift down, lower this time.

“You’re a big boy, use words.”

“Your underwear,” he whispered.

Fighting a smile, I tugged on his briefs. “These are underwear. Try again.”

He gave me a pleading look, then leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Your panties.”

“Mm. What about them?”

“You forgot to leave them.”

“I’m sorry, I guess I got distracted.”

His gaze drifted down. “Can I have them?”



A woman has needs, and when they aren’t being met, she needs to find an outlet. Safest, of course, is a toy. This mother found that the most fulfilling, though, is sex with her own son. What mom could resist a son's thrusting against her, eager to be inside her? Would you brush your lips to his and ask your son, “You Want back inside me, don’t you, baby?”

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom Son Sex, Taboo Kinks, Forbidden, Depraved Hardcore Sex


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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