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Bondage Erotica

Title:  Tester of Toys

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  33,800 Words

ISBN:  LC3200035

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3D Ebook Cover - Tester of Toys ~ by Crimson Rose

Tester of Toys


“Thirty thousand,” Ashley bid again. I had no idea why she was bidding so high considering I never took her up on her offer the day she pierced and branded me, but at least she was someone I sort of knew.

“I'll bid a hundred thousand if she'll marry me,” an older man yelled out.

“What do you say?” the auctioneer asked me. “Will you marry him for a hundred grand?”

“Sorry,” I said apologetically “I'm not looking to get married.”

“No, but she is looking for someone to fist both of her holes!” the auctioneer exclaimed. “Just imagine your hand sliding in and out of her pussy and nice round ass at the same time while she's tied to your Saint Andrew's cross! Imagine the look of ecstasy on her face as you take the flogger, crop, and cane to her! Can you imagine it my fellow Dominants? Can you imagine her kneeling before you begging to wear your collar when she finally submits body, mind, and soul!?”

The crowd was going nuts now and the bidding was climbing ever higher with every praise the auctioneer gave me. A lot of it was fluff to make me more desirable than I really was, but I didn't mind. Whatever I went for I got to keep 60% of. I still wasn't happy about the term limit fuck-up but there was nothing I could do about it now other than walk off the stage and out of the farm. And while that was always a viable option, there was something altogether thrilling about watching a large crown go insane bidding on me. It made my pussy tingle in a twisted sort of way.

Fifty...sixty...seventy thousand and the bidding continued. I was shocked and amazed at the time but I would later learn that the longer the terms of service the higher the bidding went and for a bare-neck such as myself to go longer than a month was rare enough let alone the three years I accidentally signed up for.

The bidding finally started to slow down around one hundred and fifty thousand and came to a stop at two hundred from a Mistress I has never seen before. “Two hundred thousand going once...going twice...this is your last chance to get a bare-neck for a three year term ladies and gentlemen! Don't miss a chance of a lifetime! Do I hear two-twenty-five?

“Three hundred thousand if she agrees to be registered as a farm submissive,” I heard my boss Renee call out.

“Sorry Renee,” I replied. “I like my job too much!”

“Three hundred and fifty. You'd never have to work again! All you've got to do is let me register you as my submissive.”

Sixty percent of $350,000 meant $210,000 for me not counting interest. Not bad for three years in this small town but hardly what I'd call retirement money. “I'll do it if you agree to three exceptions,” I replied.

“Go ahead,” Renee smiled.

“First, I get to keep my job at DF Productions for as long as you're in business. Change the rules to allow submissives if you have to. Second, you have to abide by the terms of the auction for the first three years. And third, make it half a million and I'll gladly march into the registration office with you.”



Anastasia Crane is a young woman living on her parent's farm in the middle of Rome Wisconsin. After years of failing to land a job that would take her to the big city, she resigned herself to the life of a farm girl. Until she received a call from one Renee Muller with an offer of a dream job, that is. You see, Anastasia is a girl with an addiction - an addiction to toys of a very adult nature.

eBook TAGS    bdsm, domination, submission, fisting, lesbian sex, exhibitionism, slave training, voyeurism


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