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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  K9 Slave: Dominating Dori

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  15,242 Words

ISBN:  LC4500083

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3D Ebook Cover - K9 Slave: Dominating Dori ~ by Crimson Rose

K9 Slave: Dominating Dori


“I’m not going to be the one jerking him off. While you’re undressing I’ll explain what’s going to happen and what you need to look for. Obviously his dick is going to get huge. Duke here is a mastiff and they have some of the biggest dicks of the canine kingdom. While you’re jerking him off make damn sure to keep your nails away from his cock. And for the future you’ll want to keep them trimmed completely to minimize the risk of injuring him. He’s going to shoot a lot of pre-cum. And I do mean a lot. But pay attention. When it turns milky that’s when you want to start collecting as that’s his semen. With me so far?”

“Yeah,” I nervously answered as I shimmied out of my skirt and placed it on a table with my blouse. Unhooking my bra, the straps sliding down my arms I saw her staring and stopped.

“Don’t stop on my account. Anyways, while he’s cumming you’ll want to hold his dick around the knot to simulate a tie. If you don’t he’ll get all confused and try dismounting. In this case, dismounting meaning he’ll stop fucking your hand.”

“Knot? Tie?”

“Best way to learn is to experience it first-hand. Now that you’re naked, first let me say you are incredibly sexy, and second, get on all fours and crawl over to him as if you were a bitch in heat. It’ll help him relax and get in the mood. That’s it. Now crawl over to him. When you are next to him brush against his side as if to greet him. Rub and push against him.”

I have no idea why I was listening to anything she was saying, but never the less I crawled over to the huge animal and pressed against his left side. He nudged me back and nudged him. For a few moments it was nudging match and then he started walking around me. At a caution from Brenda not to make any sudden moves, I remained as still as possible even when his cold wet nose touched my pussy and ass. He was so much bigger than me kneeling that he did not so much mount me as walk right over me. Again I remained motionless. That is until I felt the tip of his cock jabbing around in an attempt to penetrate me. As it found its mark I jerked forward and looked back at Brenda, eyes wide as dinner plates.

“What the fucking fuck? He just tried fucking me!”

“That’s the point, Dori. You wanted to know what the knot and tie was and this is the best way to learn. Besides, think of it this way: if you can let him mount and fuck you, you’ll have no problems collecting their semen.”

“But I don’t want…UHN!” I grunted as his dick once again found a hole. Unfortunately, this time it was my asshole and as I pulled away to prevent more of it going in, he lurched forward and slammed into my pussy. “Uhn…uhn…h-holy fuck! He…he’s…”



Dori never imagined she would have to work as a milker – someone who collects the semen from animals, when she took the night shift job at the Emerson Rescue Farm, but when she heard the pay, she did everything in her power to suppress her objections and humiliation. And when offered even more for taking the next obvious step, she found herself not only having sex with dogs, but women as well during her first night of training as a sex slave.

eBook TAGS    bestiality, Sister Sister Incest, breeding, fisting, body modification, group sex, voyeurism, golden showers


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