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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  K9 Slave: Cathy Submits

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  15,650 Words

ISBN:  LC4500082

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3D Ebook Cover - K9 Slave: Cathy Submits ~ by Crimson Rose

K9 Slave: Cathy Submits


Opening the barn door, Adam led Cathy in and while she stared around the huge building in wide-eyed terror, he closed and locked the door behind them. Forming a line along the back wall were fourteen men and six women – each holding a leash attached to the collar of a dog. But unlike Cathy, these puppies were not people dressed up as she was. No, these were real live canines representing several primes specimens from half a dozen different breeds from a black lab at the smallest to a cane corso at the largest and she knew in the pit of her stomach that she was going to have sex with them all – men, women and dogs, before she was allowed to leave even if she said to hell with the money and asked nicely for him to let her out.

Tightening the leash, Adam led Cathy to the center of the barn and paraded her around like an animal before stopping so they were both facing the patiently waiting group. “Greetings everyone, sorry to keep you all waiting, but I had to make sure our star of the evening signed all of the proper paperwork before getting this little party started.” Reaching down, he rubbed Cathy’s head as if she were one of the dogs and continued. “This is a very special occasion for us all as we gather here today to witness Cathy’s canine deflowering and gang bang by each and every dog present. After that, after she has succumbed to the pleasures only a dog can bring, once she has accepted her new role as their bitch, she will do anything.

“When planning this event, we drew numbers to see who would be the lucky dog to be her first and I believe the winner was Gunner and his owner Brad.” Bending down, Adam unfastened the buckle holding the penis gag securely in Cathy’s mouth and then pulled it free. “And while the dog is taking you, well, doggie style, its owner will train you to take dicks down the throat. You will swallow every drop of semen fed to you and when it comes to the women you will lap up every drop of pussy juice. Any questions before the show begins?”


“No? I just told you that you’ll be fucked by fourteen men, six women and nineteen dogs and all you have to say is no?”

“Is it going to do me any good to cry and try escaping this nightmare, or will you only drag me back, beat me with those canes hanging on the wall over there and make me do it anyways? No, as mortified as I am, I’m not stupid. I’ll give no resistance if only to save myself from unnecessary pain, so let’s stop wasting time and just do it.” Cathy said, trying her damndest not to break down in tears and plead for them to let her go.



Offered a job doing a fetish shoot, Cathy jumped on the opportunity to earn some much needed cash that would go a long way in taking her off the streets. It was not the life she envisioned for herself, but then neither was being homeless and as the old saying goes: beggars can’t be choosers. Meeting Adam at his farm out in the country, her descent into perversion started with fucking herself on huge dildos and did not stop.

eBook TAGS    Domination & Submission BDSM, Mother Daughter Incest, Bestiality


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