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Family Group Incest Erotica

Title:  Family Matters

Series:  N/A

Author: William Peters

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,427 Words

ISBN:  LC1600122

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3D Ebook Cover - Family Matters ~ by William Peters

Family Matters


“Do you have a lover?” I asked with a smile, locking eyes with her.

“Of course not, I’m too young!” she replied seriously.

“Do you really think you are?”

“Most times,” said without taking her eyes from mine.

“Would you like a lover?

“Sometimes, but mum wouldn’t let me, ‘cause I’m too young.”

“Would she have to know? How do you know she’d create?”

“When her boyfriend touched me she threw him out, and she was very sad.”

“Where did he touch you?” I asked, my cock lurched again, and this time I know the bedclothes lifted with it.

“Down there”, this said with a downward cast of her eyes, which stopped and watched my cock flex under the sheet. The wet spot on her panties had grown larger, making them almost transparent, outlining the lips of her little cunt. “It made me feel funny, like…”

“…You do when you play with yourself.” I finished for her. You’re feeling funny there now aren’t you?” She nodded, but kept her large eyes locked on mine. “Have you played with yourself today?” I asked, sliding my hand under the sheet and squeezing my cock.

“No.” she said in a whisper, her eyes following my hand, and I saw her buttocks flex and she tightened her grip on her knees

“Would you like to?” I asked, also in a whisper. “Would you like to get into bed with me? I’ll help you to do it like I used to when mum and I were your age. Would you like that?” Her buttocks were flexing with regular spasms now, and her cheeks were burning, whilst her eyes never left my face, except for a quick flick down to my sheet covered cock. She must have seen my hand stroke it.

I moved across the bed and part turned the sheet. “Come on then, I won’t look if you want to take off your skirt and blouse.” I covered my eyes with my free hand.

Without a word, she slipped off the bed and unhooked her skirt. As it fell to the floor, I saw her, through my fingers, lift her blouse over her head exposing the coral tipped buds of her breasts, and drop it to the floor. Just for a moment, she stood quite still, and I took my hand from my eyes, and admired the slim body with long legs. She gave me an uncertain half smile before sliding, naked but for the panties and ankle socks, under the sheet. I marveled at the courage she showed in that act, and realized how turned on she must be from our conversation. I could feel the heat of her body next to me as I lay down and took her hand in mine.



Present day incest between family members. She agreed, and so we touched, and we held, and we stroked. She was entranced with the smooth skin of my penis, and the way my knob was exposed when the skin was rolled back, whilst I, I fell deeply in love with the satin feel of her cunt lips and the way my finger would slide into her tight, but wonderfully moist little entrance. Most of all, however, I was lost when she came uninhibitedly as I frigged her little clitoris, and when she masturbated me determinedly to an equally mind-blowing orgasm.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Mother Son Sex, MILF, Uncle & Aunt Sex with Neice, Family Group Sex


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