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Gorilla Sex Erotica

Title:  Silverback

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length: 7,640 Words

ISBN:  LC4500075

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3D Ebook Cover - Silverback ~ by Kelly Addams



A trickle of sweat ran between her boobs and added to the growing patch that discoloured her khaki bush shirt. Angel glanced down, irritated, she liked to look perfect, she always looked perfect.

But look at me now! She hid her frustration, why Daniel had brought her to such a remote and God forsaken place she couldn't fathom. Bloody safari, like I look like the kinda gal who is at home in the jungle!

The concrete jungle was another matter entirely, there she was at home; indigenous fauna... but out in Africa, with the dust and the flies... and the heat... and even more dust!

The damned dust got everywhere, the humidity was playing hell with her hair, and just to add insult to injury, the previous evening she had managed to break a nail, right off, and there she was, about a million miles from civilization, and probably even further from a manicure!

It was part of his bucket list... the whole African safari thing, one hundred things to do before he finally made her really happy and turned up his toes. Almost like he could see his end coming, he had decided to cram as much living into the life he had remaining... she didn't resent him that, she knew he had worked hard all of his very long life, she also knew that she would be his last wife, at the age of eighty three he had sixty years on her, and he was notorious for trading in each former wife when she reached the grand old age of thirty five...

Angel had twelve years left.

Which will make him ninety five she had calculated as she turned a small plastic container of heart medicine in her hand, he wouldn't reach, not by quite a few years. Not that she had plans for the medicine, oh no, Angel knew exactly how he would finally depart, she had a body that could easily stop a heart, and a dirty mind to match. When the time came, and his will was loaded heavily in her favour, she knew just how to stop that frail old heart... she would literally fuck him to death.

Send him to hell with a smile on his face. The thought amused her, Daniel wasn't exactly a popular man, or particularly generous, of spirit or with his billions. But a Scrooge he wasn't, because he liked to spend on himself, and as she had become an extension of him when she said I do, at the tender age of twenty-two she also benefited, she may not have relished being stuck in some dusty and boring nature reserve in the west of Uganda, but at least everything was as first class as possible. And I hope it continues when we cross the border tomorrow! The prospect frightened her a little. His latest flight of fancy meant that she would be trekking up into the rain forest, just to look at some big monkeys, and from the warnings that her mother had given the Democratic Republic of Congo wasn't exactly the safest place on earth, bandits, warlords, rebels and terrorists... a lawless and remote spot!



Angel is a spoiled brat and married to a man sixty years her senior. Daniel, her billionaire husband senses his end approach, and has made his 'to do list' before he departs, and one of those things is a Gorilla safari, he wants to see the greatest of the apes, Angel on the other hand isn't interested at all, until a freak accident delivers her to a horny Silverback!

eBook TAGS    bestiality, Gorilla Sex, ape, silverback, sugar daddy, age difference erotica, brat


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