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Minotaur Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Minotaur

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length: 8,140 Words

ISBN:  LC4500074

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3D Ebook Cover - Minotaur ~ by Kelly Addams



Ancient Crete - 3rd Century BC: King Minos dropped to one knee on the wet sand and bowed his head. He was king in name alone, and his hold on the Cretan throne was tenuous... he needed a sign, he needed divine approval... he needed the Gods to bless his rule... and so he beseeched the great god Poseidon to make his authority and power total.

His brothers would submit if he could prove his rights... and if he couldn't, war loomed.

“Great God Poseidon!” he shouted to the waves, “Show me your favour!” And at his side appeared a snow white bull, the Cretan Bull, intended as a sacrifice... perfection to be slaughtered to the glory of the sea god, and a sign to all that Minos ruled with the blessings of the Pantheon, his right and rule... never to be disputed.

But Minos defied the god and slaughtered a common black bull from his herds in place of the beautiful white bull.

“Poseidon will care little which bull is slaughtered,” he confided in Pasiphaë, his wife and queen, “I would keep this thing of beauty to breed with my own herds!”

But Minos had miscalculated, and a furious Poseidon looked down on Crete and planned his revenge.


Daedalus the royal craftsman thought it was a strange request, but his queen had insisted, and he would obey, he would use all of his skill to create what she wanted... and of course he knew better than ask why?

A wooden cow, to be so realistic as to cause confusion, it must be hollow and open at the rear... because my queen wishes to crouch inside the belly. He shook his head and began his work, his role was to comply not question, and with the queen's constant urging he had soon completed his task, and would openly admit that it was a work of art. The queen had agreed, and sending the artisan away with a heavy purse of gold, she gathered her hand maidens together and summoned the royal herd keeper.

And as she stripped away her robes and crawled into the wooden cow, Poseidon looked down and smiled. He had filled her mind with a bizarre love for the sacrificial bull, he had filled her loins with a burning lust and desire for the magnificent creature... and as the white bull was brought to the wooden cow as she had instructed, Poseidon himself guided the mighty bovine cock that speared Queen Pasiphaë... and as the Cretan Bull pounded her until she screamed her ecstasy the God revelled in the knowledge of what he was creating. An abomination, an unnatural mating of woman and beast to give life to a mixture of man and bull...

And nine months later, as punishment to King Minos... Pasiphaë lay back and spread her legs to give birth to a warning to mortal man, a warning not to defy the Gods, a grotesque baby with the body of a healthy human... but the hairy head of a black calf.

And so it came to pass that through the capricious actions of a God, a mortal woman gave birth to a beast.

And the famous Minotaur of Crete had been born!



The labyrinth of King Minos has been discovered in Crete, and sexy Ashley has been selected to accompany Professor Collins in the first exploration of the maze that according to legend once held the Minotaur... Ashley dreams of fame and fortune, she could re-write history if evidence of the legendary beast were found, but Ashley doesn't know that she is going to find much more than just evidence!

eBook TAGS    mythological creatures, Minotaur Bestiality, Breeding, Bull Sex


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