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Snake Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Mekong Magic

Series:  A Taboo Python Story

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length: 5,310 Words

ISBN:  LC4500073

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3D Ebook Cover - Mekong Magic ~ A Taboo Python Story ~ Kelly Addams

Mekong Magic


Sandrine sat in a daze. Quite when she had removed her panties she couldn't say, but there they sat, on the table beside her refilled glass. And not just her panties, her skirt was hitched up around her waist, the wicker weave of the chair was pressing a tight pattern into the soft white skin of her ass, feeling unable to move she was sat with her legs spread wide facing the central dance floor, there were more people now, sitting at the tables inside semi private booths, some had a curtain drawn across the front, others were exposed just as her booth was. Sandrine couldn't see the eyes of strangers on her most private of sanctuaries, but she could feel them, yet despite a blossoming feeling of shame she understood that she wouldn't move, she would make no effort to cover herself. The shame was intoxicating, her rebelling mind revelled in the forbidden exposure, let them look her arousal shouted, I don't care, let them all look at me, let them stare at my pussy.

“The show is starting,” she felt a hand sneak inside her blouse and squeeze her boobs, “Now you will get to watch the most amazing display anywhere on earth.” Bruce sat behind her and she sensed him freeze as a Thai girl appeared on the stage, his hand clasping her breast tightly in anticipation.

Strangely unperturbed by the unforeseen turn of events she concentrated on the girl, she wore a printed silk gown loosely tied with a sash, a very pretty gown she realised wondering where she could find one similar, under an intense spotlight the sheer fabric shone like spun gold. He got me here to watch a stripper? Sandrine watched in mild surprise as the gown slipped from the girls bronzed shoulders, but it wasn't the nudity that surprised, it was the fact that Bruce had described something that happened in almost every one of the underground clubs as the most amazing display, the girl was pretty, and although not particularly aroused by female nudity, Sandrine had to admit she had a toned and sexy body. It was only then that she began to take notice of a large woven basket and accused her eyes of playing tricks as she swore that she had seen it move.

“Here it comes.” Bruce resumed his steady massage of her breasts, he had both hands inside her blouse now and Sandrine wondered why she was feeling so calm. Bruce had never tried anything with her before, he was almost like a big brother, the guy that she relied on to keep her safe. Other members of the Aussie gang had hinted, a few had used beer as an excuse for getting frisky, as they called it when apologising after the fact whilst nursing sore heads, they had tried it on, but Bruce never had, she trusted him... completely. I should be alarmed, her muddled brain attempted to make sense of what was happening, she couldn't explain why she should remain calm and relaxed while her friend groped her, he had also exposed her for all to see.



18 yo Sandrine is far from her home in a sleepy village in the west of France, Vientiane, the equally sleepy capital of Laos in Southeast Asia has drawn her, but just across the mighty Mekong river is Thailand, a place where she can let her hair down and party hard. Except, sometimes the party can get wilder than she could ever imagine, and lead her into a forbidden life!

eBook TAGS    Snake Erotica, First Time Lesbian Teen, Snake Bestiality Sex, Interracial Asian Lesbian, Asian Girl White Girl Lesbians


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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