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Insect Bestiality Fetish Erotica

Title:  Bug Babe

Series:  Kinky Kate No.1

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length: 3,760 Word Micro-Short

ISBN:  LC4500072

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Bug Babe - Kinky Kate No.1 - by Kelly Addams

Bug Babe: The Naughty Adventures of Kinky Kate


She hadn't felt her eyes closing. It was one of those times when she jerked awake with a start, the book was still gripped between her fingers so she guessed that she couldn't have dozed for long. Downstairs she heard the soft tones of Richard's classical music. Boring as hell she maintained, but soothing sometimes she secretly admitted. Kate yawned and began to close her book, but suddenly something strange caught her eye. Her gown had opened and a full breast lay exposed, but that wasn't what had drawn her attention. Squinting she looked closer, her drowsiness dulling focus. “Well I'll be damned!” she gasped. Settled on her dark areola perched a mosquito, probably the one that had driven Richard back to work. Mildly shocked Kate studied the thin insect, its head was down, and a shrivelled abdomen and curved pair of hair-like legs pointed toward the ceiling. “The fucking thing is biting me... biting my nipple!” For a second she considered brushing the pest away, but just as she raised her hand she noticed just how erect her nipple was. “It's like rock.” she admitted, and with a strange voyeuristic satisfaction she settled back to watch the diminutive insect feed.

“Why am I turned on?” she asked herself as the shrunken abdomen began to swell taking on a distinct red tinge. Abruptly it lifted its head, the curved legs twitched, and with a pronounced buzzing it attempted to fly away. “Oh you are so full of my boob blood you just can't manage it.” Kate chuckled and swiftly swatted the pest between her palms. She studied the fluid red smear where the insect had been and smiled. “You got a meal... but you certainly paid a very heavy price.” Kate switched her attention to her nipple, now it was almost painfully erect and swollen, reaching up she touched where the bite was rising, deep inside a ripple shot through her core and she closed her eyes and with a soft groan pinched.

So many words flooded her mind, exquisite, fantastic, divine! But all that issued as a low whisper was a throaty “Fuck!” That single bite inflamed not only her nipple, it also lit a fire inside that she refused to extinguish, a secret fire that filled her days with adventure, shame and bliss.



Housewife Kate is bored with her love life, Her husband works to much, he never gives her the attention that she needs. One night she finds herself awake and frustrated, Richard is busy as usual, but that doesn't worry Kinky Kate because she has found a new and surprising way to get herself off!

eBook TAGS    Insect Bestiality Fetish, Formicopia, Perverted Insect Sex, Mosquito, Ants


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Heat Level

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