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Great Dane Dog Sex Erotica

Title:  Gemma's Dirty Secret

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  5,965 Words

ISBN:  LC4500070

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3D Ebook Cover - Gemma's Dirty Secret ~ A Bestiality Story ~ by Kelly Addams

Gemma's Dirty Secret


The track headed uphill, this section was always the real test, the incline tested her daily, but despite the dull ache in her knee she pushed on, at the top she would rest, just like every other day.

“I wonder if he will dare come closer today?” she asked herself between deep breaths. He being the stray dog that she had been feeding for weeks. And he was a magnificent creature, especially since he had gained a little weight. At first she had only caught fleeting glimpses of him between the trees, he had been following her on a parallel course but disappeared like a wraith if she paused to get a better look, days had passed, always he had been there loping through the trees. She began to get cleared glimpses, he was a big animal, yet despite his size she never felt intimidated by his presence, in a strange way she found it comforting. He looks like a Dane cross she realised one morning, but crossed with what? “Maybe an elephant.” she chuckled quietly, he certainly looked big enough to be the result of such a crazy match. But so thin, he must be starving!

That single observation had begun her taming of the beast, although she sensed that he probably didn't need taming, he simply needed a restoration of trust.

The first time that she had left food for him he had refused to approach, Gemma had backed away slowly, but he remained in the forest far from the path, she saw him snuffling the air and knew he was hungry. “Bon appetite.” she called quietly as she turned to leave, he was shy, and she knew he wouldn't eat the tinned food that she had left while she watched.

Each day she carried another tin and always left it in the same place, and each day he drew a little closer, trust was developing. Yet always he would wait until she had walked away from the food, he was relaxed enough now to eat in her presence, but only if she sat some distance away, and even then he would wolf the meat down in chunks with one wary eye watching her.


She had discussed him with her councillor, the woman that had pushed her way inside the protective cocoon that Gemma had woven around herself immediately after the disaster. The woman who had taken her gently by the hand and led her away from the guilt, the woman who had guided her to a more wholesome and healthy place in the labyrinth of her mind.

“That's good,” she had said, “He will give you focus, something to care about.”

Gemma couldn't explain her feelings. She simply felt hollow, devoid of emotion. The sadness had departed but happiness had not returned to fill the void, she felt dispassionate. Yes she still felt love for those closest to her, but it was a disjointed love, an emotion accepted and acknowledged more than felt.

“You feel sorry for this dog?”

Gemma had glanced up and stared into the older woman's eyes. She did feel sorry, he was alone and frightened, he was starving, and who knew what his past had been, maybe abuse and pain, maybe simple abandonment.

“Focus your affections, befriend him, rescue him.” that had been the advice given. But in the councillor's mind; that she may rescue the stray, but inevitably it would be the stray who rescued her and allowed her to forgive herself for surviving... he could bring her back.



Meet Gemma, a girl recovering from a terrible accident, more terrible in her own mind because she alone survived. With her damaged body recovering she turns her attention to a stray dog that shadows her as she jogs. Suddenly her troubled mind has focus, she must save the stray and give him a good home, but she has no idea just how much he will give her in return!

eBook TAGS    Bestiality, Great Dane Dog Sex, taboo, First Time bestiality, Sex With Dog, Canine, K9


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Heat Level

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