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Horse Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Equus

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,266 Words

ISBN:  LC4500069

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3D Ebook Cover - Equus ~ by Kelly Addams



Julie stared out from her kitchen window across a rolling sea of green. Born and raised in the city she was adapting well to country ways. In her former life the view from her window had always been bricks and concrete and grime, a city scape, the only green coming from window boxes filled with stunted flowers struggling to survive in the thick stew of exhaust fumes and acid rain, the only animal life, scruffy pigeons and the rats that scuttled along the guttering of the slum apartments opposite her own modest home. But all of that had changed, new job, new surrounding, maybe a new life, she had been offered a fresh start and grasped the opportunity with both hands.

She wasn't sorry to leave her old life behind! It was a relief.

The unsociable hours, the unsociable conditions, and worst of all, the unsociable clients. As hookers ranked Julie was pretty close to the bottom of the barrel, it wasn't that she was ugly, or fat, in fact she could look into the mirror and feel proud. She had a good figure and pretty face framed by long flowing blonde hair. She had simply been born in the wrong place, at the wrong time. A pretty girl born in the slums stood only the smallest of chances of escape. Brains and education were one way out, sadly for Julie, she didn't have an abundance of either, not that she was slow or stupid, she had merely squandered her time in school, usually cutting class to smoke or drink or fuck. Education leading to a good job was never going to rescue her.

Another option for a pretty girl was to become a mistress, a kept woman... nice little apartment and credit card, in exchange her legs would be always open and ready for one man, usually an older man with plenty of reasons to seek discretion, but girls from the slums rarely mixed with the type of client who could afford such extravagance. The clients that she met were hagglers, usually drunk with a tenner burning a hole in their pocket, little cash but wild fantasies. Julie had fucked them all and dreamed of better things.

Her break had come at the age of twenty six, with eight years on her back behind her she had begun to doubt that she would ever discover a silver lining to the dark cloud that seemed to follow her through life.

And then it had happened, almost by accident.

His name was Darren, and he spotted her across a crowded bar. Julie had cash, for the first time in a very long time she had managed to nudge ahead. Three clients that afternoon had been unexpected, for them all to agree to her first tentative suggestion had been pure fluke. Always with new clients she tripled the figure that she would eventually settle on, it gave her room to haggle, and sometimes she managed to get enough extra to afford a pizza and a few drinks. All three had readily agreed to her first inflated price, and as they pounded her hard she had smiled, her smile widening with each successive deal. By early evening she was feeling sore, but happy.

Sitting on the edge of her bed she spread the crumpled notes across the duvet. Stuff pizza she decided with a grin, I'm getting tarted up and going out... somewhere fancy, and expensive.



Meet Julie, a hooker from the slums, she makes her living fucking life's bottom feeders, yet always she dreams of a better life, a life that suddenly becomes possible following a set of fluke circumstances. Now Julie finds herself living out in the country, she is a lady of leisure drawn to the power and majesty of horses, time for her to begin fulfilling her deepest fantasies.

eBook TAGS    Bestiality, Horse Sex, Horse Blowjob, Prostitute, Hooker


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