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Schoolgirl Spanking Erotica

Title:  Corporal Punishment

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,780 Words

ISBN:  LC3100016

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3D Ebook Cover - Corporal Punishment ~ by Kelly Addams

Corporal Punishment



That is what she had become. Except you don't just become! She rebuked, I must have always been that way, he just brought it to the surface. Thinking back, maybe the signs had always been there? She would always back down from confrontation letting the other party take an easy victory. Her mother had suggested that she was timid, she had dismissed the notion, she just didn't like to argue. But there had been her years in school, it had never occurred to her until he had released what was trapped, and denied, inside her. She had relished the strong words and authority of her teachers, they were the usual mix, those who coaxed the best from their pupils with kindness and a friendly disposition, and there were those at the other end of the scale, the stern and overbearing teachers. Teachers who demanded respect, teachers who basically didn't give a shit if they were liked, to be obeyed was all that they asked. It had been the stern teachers that she had respected most, she understood their thinking, she resented the soft ones, those who wanted to be friends, the jokers. Her headmaster had terrified her and thrilled in equal measure, he had strutted around the school maintaining discipline in his own inimitable way. Old Master Jackson had walked the corridors in a severe black suit with a severe black expression upon his pinched yet handsome face. Under his arm was always tucked a flexible thin cane, a threat that he never actually used, but only because corporal punishment in schools had been outlawed. He rued the day that the stupid law had been passed, now he could only use his favourite tool for intimidation. Dawn smiled, she suddenly understood him, and she understood herself for the first time. She regretted her lack of comprehension, he had yearned for a return to the days when he could bend an errant pupil over and lay a few well aimed stripes across a tender backside.

Oh that he had known how willing I would have been.

I wonder? She shook her head in an effort to dismiss the idea that had begun to blossom. He's probably still there. She realised that it made sense, she had only been out of school for two or three years, of course the headmaster would still be in residence, she pictured him striding along the long passage that led from his study to the gymnasium, the route that passed most of the classrooms, he would be there hunting for truants and wrong-doers.

I couldn't, could I? The question refused to fade away as she ate lunch. She had cut a plate of sandwiches and carried them to her room, now she sat on her bed and gazed into an open wardrobe. There hung a white cotton shirt with an embroidered logo on the breast pocket. The stitched word School made her shudder, she had a crazy plan, and she wondered if she had the courage to carry it through.



Dawn Harris is a sweet and innocent girl, the type of girl who doesn't get noticed because she agrees with everyone, she never stands out in the crowd, but it isn't until her boyfriend forces her into anal sex that she finally understands that she isn't simply quiet... she is submissive. Maybe now it is time for her to return to school, and the headmaster who terrified her so much in the past.

eBook TAGS    Schoolgirl Spanking, Teacher Sex, Domination & Submission BDSM, Punishment, Cane, Age Difference, Fetish


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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