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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Amber's Innocence

Series:  First Time Incest

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  5,782 Words

ISBN:  LC1200149

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3D Ebook Cover - Amber's Innocence ~ First Time Incest ~ by Kelly Addams

Amber's Innocence


“Happy birthday Sis!” Tony passed an unsteady arm around her waist a planted a kiss on her forehead.

“We haven't had a drink together all night,” she slurred, “You've been too busy standing guard like some hyper bulldog, protecting my virtue... well it's safe now, everyone is gone, so you can let your hair down.”

Tony shook his head, true, he had kept a protective eye on her, but he had also relaxed and spent almost as much time watching her unconscious friend as he sipped a constant stream of scotch and cola, heavy on the whisky and with only enough coke to color the spirit, his head was close to spinning, but with a warm smile he accepted the brimming glass that Amber pushed into his hand.

“Look at that lazy cow!” Amber chuckled as she prodded her sleeping friend. Tony felt a stirring in his trousers and grinned.

“Flat out and oblivious.”

“You could put a bomb under her now and she wouldn't wake up.” Amber laughed, “When she gets this drunk it's impossible to wake her.”

With a heavy sigh Amber slumped down beside the prostrate form of her best friend and took a long pull of her drink, Tony drew up a chair and with a smile on his lips proposed a birthday toast lifting his glass high, but his words fell on deaf ears as Amber's chin dropped onto her chest and the glass slipped from her fingers. So what do I do now? Tony swallowed a mouthful of fiery spirit and studied the two sleeping girls.

I couldn't... could I? The question cut through his alcoholic haze as he stared at Bethany, her full tits almost called out to him, all that he had to do would be hook a finger into the tight fabric and give the smallest of tugs, she wasn't wearing a bra so he would get to see those prominent nipples, maybe even suck on them if Amber had been correct and the girl really was impossible to wake when drunk.

With his heart in his mouth he dropped to his knees at the side of the couch and with a trembling hand he tentatively pinched the top of her dress. It took far less effort than he had imagined, and only seconds later he gasped as a mammoth mammary broke free, he reveled in the creamy whiteness of her flesh before plucking up the courage to stroke and squeeze gently. Tony held his breath as his fingers passed over her nipple; he watched her expression, poised to snatch his hand away should she react to his touch. He stroked again and felt the nipple begin to fill and harden, he watched her closed eyelids but saw not a single flicker as he pinched gently and tugged. Amber was right, he chuckled silently and with a growing confidence pulled the nipple into his mouth and began to suckle.

Now this is going to feel so good he told himself as he eased down the zip on his trousers, his cock had grown almost painfully as he sucked on her nipple, now it felt good to be free of constraint. I wonder, he passed his arm under her waist and dragged her motionless body to the edge of the couch. His head spinning with a mixture of alcohol, arousal and fear he pressed the end of his cock against her lips, “I wish her mouth was open,” he muttered as the lips parted but revealed only clenched teeth, Tony continued to rub, coating the perfect pearly whites with pre-cum. Not yet he warned himself and dropped back into his chair and snatched the glass from the floor, I'll have another drink and cool down a bit, I don't wanna cum yet, I want this to last, and I think I've got all night.



A naughty and cautionary tale of temptation that revolves around the role that alcohol plays in bad choices, especially if you are a quiet yet horny young man with a very sexy, but very drunk sister! She wasn't wearing a bra so he would get to see those prominent nipples...!

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, brother and sister sex, drunk, unconscious, menage, non consensual sex


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