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Great Dane Dog Sex Erotica

Title:  (Wo)man's Best Friend

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,130 Words

ISBN:  LC4500068

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3D Ebook Cover - (Wo)man's Best Friend ~ by Kelly Addams

(Wo)man's Best Friend


“Do big dogs worry you?” Georgina asked as Janice paused outside the kennel of a massive Dane, a huge tan colored animal which, to her eyes, looked as big as the average pony. Janice shook her head but felt a flash of concern as her guide began to open the gate. “This is Gus, he's a long-term boarder. Aren't you boy!” Georgina fussed as she stepped inside with the giant and scratched behind a huge floppy ear. “Come and say hello. Now don't be worried, sniffing is how dogs learn about the world around them, he will want to snuffle around you... to learn your scent, that's how he will recognize you in the future.”

Now or never she thought as she understood that a part of the job was actually handling the animals, she had lied about having wanted a dog as a pet, she wasn't exactly a fan of the canine, being much more a cat person, but the time had come, if she wanted a salary she would have to become at the very least tolerant of her new charges.

Gus stood, at the shoulder, at her waist height, and obviously didn't quite understand his own strength. “Usually we walk them in selected groups, matched for temperament, it saves time.” Georgina chuckled and Gus turned his full attention to the new girl in his domain. “But big boy's like Gus here get one on one treatment. There is no harm in him, and he won't hurt you, he's just a bit of a handful sometimes. He's...” Georgina appeared to hunt for the correct word. “Boisterous!” she finally decided. “Let him sniff,” she instructed, “It's simply his way of saying hello.”

Images of every dog interaction that she had ever seen flooded Janice's mind as the wet nose explored the seat of her jeans. Why do they always seem to sniff ass she wondered as Georgina warned her to allow the investigation. Gus nudged and nuzzled, snuffling heavily, Janice felt uncomfortable as the massive animal brushed against her almost pressing her against the side of the pen, his nose pressing now at the front of her jeans, pressing hard against her mound, sniffing hard.

“It's his way of getting to know you.” Georgina must have seen the flush of embarrassment as a wide tongue licked the crotch of her jeans.

By licking my pussy? It was all becoming a little too intense and Janice glanced toward the open mesh gate.

“Just stand still, he will lose interest soon enough.” Janice heard the words and swallowed down the beginnings of a mild panic. The dog had begun to nuzzle and lick with greater urgency, his nose almost fighting to get deeper between her clenched thighs, his tongue working frantically, almost as though he could actually taste the alarming arousal that Janice felt dampening her panties.



Short of cash, eighteen year old Janice lands a position in the local boarding kennels. Being an adventurous free-spirit she believes that she is open to any opportunity, she has never been a great fan of dogs but she is willing to learn, it could end up being the perfect job for her... and the owner thinks she will be perfect too.

eBook TAGS    bestiality, Great Dane Dog Sex, Taboo, first time bestiality, sex with dog, Canine Human Sex, K9


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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