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BDSM Counter-Earth Fantasy Erotica

Title:  Slaves of the Sword

Series:  Kingdom of Pain No.4

Author: Kristine Lichtlider

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  53,913 Words

ISBN: LC3200033

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3D Ebook Cover - Slaves of the Sword ~ Kingdom of Pain 04 ~ by Kristine Lichtlider

Slaves of the Sword


The Kingdom of Pain novels consist of:

Book 1: Feudal Struggles   ~   Book 2: Honor Bound  ~ Book 3: Torturous Alliance


The guards argued for several moments as to who would do the searching. While they argued she was carried across the room and shoved down onto her bottom. She winced as they applied thumbscrews, trapping her digits inside of the cruel devices. This was bad. Normally the Roach was a master escape artist, but with her fingers trapped it would be almost impossible to free herself.

Worse, they applied the thumbscrews in such a way so as to bind her hands behind her back. There was little point in resisting when one of the guards rudely shoved his hand down her trousers, searching for and finding everything but the pocket.

“Say now!' she yelped. “That's not the secret pocket—ooooh!”

“This is no child,” said the first guard. “And no virgin either.”

“That's rather personal—aaah! Your fingers are very rough, sir!”

“Sorry,” he said in a tone that implied that he was not, in fact, the least bit sorry. He used his index and ring fingers to spread her pussy open, and Roach pulled in vain at the thumbscrews. “I sure haven't found a ruby.”

“That's because you're not looking in the right place,” the Roach said. “I told you—by the Allfather!--it's in my wa-waistband...”

Roach's head tilted back as the guard shoved his fingers the rest of the way into her twat. His compatriot removed her trousers with an efficient jerk. Her naked skin now exposed to the heat of the flame, she felt intensely vulnerable.

“That will be quite enough!” she shouted. “This violates my rights to a fair trial under kingdom law!”

“Uh,” said the second guard, scratching his greasy beard “does it?”

“I don't know,” said the first “and I don't give a bloody fuck!”

He motioned toward the wall bearing chains and implements of torture.

“Go get that Scold’s bridle,” he said. “That will shut her up.”

“Oh dear,” the Roach said as the man approached her with the metal contraption. It bore steel straps that would be screwed around her head, and a wide metal plate where her mouth would be. There was a socket on the inside which could bear a variety of implements, none of them pleasant.

The guard picked up a nasty bit of spiked metal. The Roach winced as he screwed it into place. Once the mask was on, she would be unable to move her tongue so much as an inch without causing herself pain and misery.

Her chin was cradled and the mask shoved toward her. Roach tried keeping her mouth tightly shut, but then the guard—fingers still buried in her dripping wet twat—made her mouth fly open as he toyed with her nether holes. The metal gag went inside, and the mask was fitted to her face.

“Strip her,” said the first guard “she might have a concealed weapon. Using his knife, the second guard cut her clothing free, revealing pointed throwing stars, caltrops, a collapsible crossbow and her climbing gear. It also revealed the ruby, which had been a real enough attempt to bribe the guards.

“Look at that,” said the first guard, picking up the gem. “She was telling the truth.”



Powerful knights ravish beautiful slave girls in a richly detailed fantasy world populated by dragons and faerie women. Return to the Kingdom where Sir Bruno and his allies hack their way back north, Lady Katherine Mannix is defiled publicly yet again, and a sneaky thief gets caught and pays the price with her own naked body...Fantasy politics collide with steamy bdsm action for an explosive thriller you can't put down.

eBook TAGS    Bondage BDSM, Sci-Fi Fantasy, slavegirl, institutionalized slavery, dubious consent, magic, gags, bondage sex


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