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Forced Sex Erotica

Title:  Kidnapped Celebrities in Pony Hell

Series:  Kidnapped No.4

Author: Kristine Lichtlider

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  43,887 Words

ISBN:  LC3200032

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Kidnapped Celebrities in Pony Hell ~ Kidnapped No.4 ~ by Kristine Lichtlider

Kidnapped Celebrities in Pony Hell


“Don't try nothing stupid, bird,” he said, grabbing her other arm. Tami only shivered and sweat, trying not to cry as he bound her wrists together, palms facing each other. She couldn't see what he used to render her helpless, but it was painful and had no give whatsoever.

“You're hurting me!” she cried as he pulled her arms up behind her shoulder blades. She hissed as he bound her wrists to her neck, leaving no slack. Tami had to maintain that painful position or choke herself.

“I know,” Percy said, brushing a hand through her hair. “I know, pet. I'm going to hurt you a lot more. A lot more.”

Percy's hand ran up her thigh, tearing her skirt away from her stocking clad leg. Roughly, cutting her with the fabric pulled thin, he tore her pantyhose and then her panties, wadding them into a ball.

Tami sobbed, pleaded as he shoved the mass of her ripped underwear into her mouth. Now she did see what he used to bind her wrists. It was a thin metal wire, much like one would find in a piano. He used the spool to wrap her face, not caring that it was horribly painful. Tami couldn't close her mouth, and it hurt to even try to speak.

Percy used his knife to cut away Tami's red sweater. He hooked a finger on her bra, between her heavy breasts, and tore it away as well. Her fat tits bounced as they were freed of their prison.

“Aww, what a great set we have here, hey?” he said, grabbing her breasts in his iron paws. He pulled her in close, biting on her nipples as his hands deformed her tits into purpled distorted shapes. Percy raked his pierced tongue across her most sensitive flesh, and all she could do was whimper into her gag. Even struggling a little against her bonds cut her skin and choked off her air.

Percy reached down between her legs and grabbed her pussy, stretching it apart and pulling the lips to their breaking point. Tami screamed, eyes gone wide, as he attached a heavy clover clamp to her outer labia. Hell. This was hell. Maybe she could leap out the window and kill herself. It would be better than this…

Once he was done attaching a clamp to the other side of her pussy, he squeezed her clitoral hood between thumb and forefinger. Tami was in terrible pain, but the sudden stimulation made her traitor body respond. Her clit began to swell, even more so when Percy flicked his tongue across it.

“That's it,” he said, rubbing his thumb in a circular pattern over her skin “let's make the little girl nice and swollen.”

The band down the hall played on, while she suffered at the hands of a psychopath. It didn't seem fair. Not that anyone could have heard her anyway. Her own panties made for an effective gag, as she could barely hear the plaintive whimpers for mercy she uttered. Percy pulled her pussy lips apart by yanking on the clamps, all the while licking her swelling clitoris. The combination of pain and pleasure prevented an orgasm, instead keeping her on the knife's edge between. It was its own terrible form of torture.



The movie starlet, the pop singer, the tennis, powerful, and spoiled. Their privilege means nothing when they are kidnapped and taken to a remote island. There they are trained by vicious captors to be pony girl sluts, every aspect of their lives under strict control. Fitted with remote controlled choke collars, miles from civilization, will anyone ever come to their rescue? Or are they fated to live out their lives as pain sluts?

eBook TAGS   Bondage bdsm, captivity, pony play, breath control, gags, slavery, rubber, non consensual sex, Sadism & Masochism


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