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Jimmy's ashamed to admit that he gets turned on by his sister's hugs. It wouldn't be such a problem if she wore a bra, but Sophie just feels so comfortable around him. She's 19-years-old, bubbly and beautiful, and absolutely adores her big bro. It would be so wrong if Jimmy hypnotized her into taking off her shirt. It would be even worse if he made his sweet little sister into his sexy slave...

Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  I Hypnotized My Sweet Little Sister

Series: N/A

Author: Veronica Sloan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Veronica Sloan

Language: English

Length:  22,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1200148

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3D Ebook Cover - I Hypnotized My Sweet Little Sister ~ by Veronica Sloan

I Hypnotized My Sweet Little Sister


Happily, she slid open the drawer and grabbed a fork. Then, pushing the pie tray onto a potholder, she delivered both the pie and the fork to me...while kneeling at my feet. She offered them both up like a maiden delivering up a sword and shield.

I grunted, took the fork, and stuck it in the pie. I let her hold it with both her hands as I scooped the steaming mix of gravy, peas, chicken, and carrots into my mouth.

"It's wonderful, as always," I muttered.

Sophie bowed her head. "Thank you, Master. I had hoped to please you."

"Nooo," I moaned. I stuck the fork in the pie and plucked it from her hands. I shoved it over the table and grabbed her fingers. "Sophie, I'm being one-hundred-and-five percent serious right now. I want you to stop. I love you, but you're killing me here. I need you to put your shirt on. I need you to stop pretending to be my slave!"

Sophie blinked up at me in confusion. "But I am your slave, Master. I am your loving slave, to serve you as you see fit."

There was no getting through to her! I slammed the table with the flat of my palm, and Sophie jumped in alarm.

"How have I displeased you, Master?" she asked. Her voice, so high and pitiful, was unlike anything I'd ever heard from my sister's mouth. I averted my eyes from her pathetic face but couldn't help fixating on her quivering nipples. The pink buds were hard, so erect that they'd grown an inch or more.

Oh. So she was getting off on this, was she?

"There is only one way to pay for your foolishness," I said, adopting the genteel manner of her speech. "You must strip off your shorts, turn around, and play the bongos on your butt."

"Yes, Master," the girl replied.

I fell back into my chair in total disbelief while Sophie tugged her shorts down her thighs. She was giddy with enthusiasm. "Like this, Master?" she asked.

My mouth was too dry to respond. Sophie quickly shimmied out of the shorts and kicked them over to her t-shirt. Now clad only in a pair of thin black panties, my sister bent over until her butt was right in my face. She slapped her buttocks with staccato rhythm. "Like this?" she panted.

"Y-yes," I whispered.

The thick flesh jiggled at each slap until that big, thick bottom rolled like a tan ocean. Her ass, unlike the tips of her tits, was tan all over. I'd seen Sophie in the backyard last week sleeping on her stomach with her bikini bottom tucked tight between her ass cheeks. I masturbated later that evening, though somehow convinced myself it wasn't related to what I'd seen.

Watching my sister bang on her butt like a bongo drum was ridiculous, but so was watching her hop on one foot. And if the sheer sight of her naked body wasn't enough to turn me on, seeing my adoring little sister performing these humiliating acts gave me an obscene thrill. Was I violating her trust, or was she still teasing me? How far would she go with this?

How far would I let her?

"My pants are too tight," I told Sophie. "You can...take them off. Slave."

eBook TAGS    mind control incest, brother sister incest, sex slave, hypnosis sex, taboo, sister creampie, master and slave, sister breeding


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