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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Girls Need It!!!

Series:  55 Story Collection

Author: Kim Hardwick

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Kim Hardwick

Language: English

Length:  231,105 Words

ISBN:  LC1100271

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Girls Need It!!! ~ 55 Story Collection ~  by Kim Hardwick

Girls Need It!!!


“Daddy, please, you’re scaring me! Please let me go.” By this time, I was so freaked out that I really did start to cry. A little voice in my head was telling me that my father was about to do more than show me tricks. I was convinced that my father was about to fuck me.

Daddy stood next to me, watching me cry hysterically, rubbing the large bulge in his crotch and totally ignoring me. In fact, the harder I cried, the bigger his smile.

“By the time I’m done, you’ll be begging for second helpings. Now first things first, I want you to stop crying; that really annoys me.”

“I can’t daddy! I don’t want you to fuck me!”

At the mention of the word fuck, my father glared at me, his hands formed into fists, and he approached me. I stopped my bawling, tears running down my cheeks, a sense of doom filled me.

“I want you to listen to me because this may be the most important thing I will ever say to you. I gave you and your mother a home and comfortable life, and I can take it away. If you want to take that as a threat, so be it. But the fact is that I am going to fuck you now, tomorrow and just about any time I want. And you won’t say a fucking thing to your mother or anybody else. Are we crystal?”

I hiccupped, and nodded my head, listening to that little voice in my head telling me that daddy wasn’t kidding. My father has always been generous and there for me, growing up, but he did possess a dark side; an evil side to his personality. His temper was something that had traumatized me and mom over the years. When he told me that he would hurt me if I talked, or refused his advances, I knew it wasn’t an empty threat.

“Okay, now that we’re on the same page, I want you to stand up. That’s right, stand up.”

He backed away while keeping his eyes on me.

“Now start to slowly remove all your clothes, except for your panties. Do it now.”

I pulled my flowery black and red sun dress over my head, and even though he told me not to, I started to cry again. He didn’t say anything but the way he cocked his eyebrows, I knew he was getting pissed. I closed my eyes and tried to think happy thoughts, anything to hide the horrible fact that my father was about to fuck me.

“Hurry up, I haven’t got all night.”

I then removed my bra, exposing my small tits. As I tossed my bras to the floor, I noticed that my nipples were really erect. I also realized as I brought my hands down to remove my shorts that my pussy was aching and I my panties were soaking wet. Could this mean that I wanted daddy to fuck me? Was I that fucked up?

“Okay, listen, turn around and let me finish; at the pace you’re going, we’ll be here all night.”

Daddy turned me around in a very rough manner and then tugged at my tight shorts, pulling it down to my ankle, where he then lifted my legs in order to remove it. As he held my shorts in his hands, I heard him sniffing. I turned to see daddy’s eyes closed as he inhaled the crotch of my shorts. I was both disgusted by it and yet, aroused.



55 Story Bundle: The bond between a father and his biological daughter is a powerful one. The pride of a father, watching his daughter's bubble butt, camel toe and erect nipples, is equaled only by his hard, throbbing cock as it ravages his angel's tight, wet pussy. This collection of stories deal with horny fathers with big cocks and tiny daughters with tight pussies. Unprotected!!!

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