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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Taboo Siblings

Series:  15 Brother & Sister Erotic Stories

Author:  Jessica Bella

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Jessica Bella

Language: English

Length:  55,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1200142

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Taboo Siblings - 15 Brother & Sister Erotic Stories - by Jessica Bella

Taboo Siblings - 15 Brother & Sister Erotic Stories


“Be quiet,” I say. “You want mom and dad to hear us?”

“Of course not,” she says in a whiny voice. “But it's hard not to. It really hurts but it feels good at the same time.”

I put my hand over her mouth and continue blasting my sister's ass from behind. It feels so good, I know I'm gonna cum soon.

Again, she moans, even with my hand over her mouth. I pull her back and put my face against hers.

“Shut the fuck up and take my cock in your ass,” I say. “Actually, you know what? I know how to shut you up. You can still moan with my hand over your mouth, but you won't be able to moan with my dick in it.”

I stand up and grab my sister by her hair, forcing her to turn around and face me.

“Open,” I demand.

She opens her mouth and I stick my cock in it. I ferociously start fucking it, going deep.

“How's your ass taste in the back of your throat?” I ask rhetorically as I'm fucking her face.

I can't believe I'm doing this to my sister. She's taking it like a champ. After fucking her mouth for a couple minutes, I can tell that I'm about to cum. As much as I'd like to bust a nut in Melissa's throat, I've been fantasizing about pumping my load deep into her ass hole all day long.



What's better than a taboo incest story about a blood-related brother and sister getting nasty? 15 dirty incest stories about brothers and sisters fulfilling their deepest taboo desires! Together in one place for the first time, these 15 steamy erotic stories will drive you absolutely wild!

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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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