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Urban Fantasy Romance & Erotica
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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The Modern Fantasy

It's Relatively Familiar...

Unlike Fantasy in general, Urban Fantasy highlights the simplicity of human nature. Taking place in cities, or otherwise urban settings, these erotic characters feel like your neighbor next door. Exploring the erotic aspects of human nature, Urban Fantasy gives way to unlimited kinky and social taboos. Stories are known for their erotic time travelers, sex crazed city citizens, and strange sexual experiences. With such a large city to explore, readers will often find themselves lost to the character’s everyday desires.

Paranormal elements take center stage in these erotic tales. Main characters are known to find themselves haunted by adventurous and obsessive ghosts, the sexual partners of unknown shape-shifting citizens, and even the victim of a sex probing alien abduction or two. While these worlds may at first seem simplistic, the sexual tension buried within townspeople can be felt at once. Authors weave erotic tales of familiar characters, horrifyingly kinky situations, and fantasy obsessed neighbors.

Urban Fantasy is a new genre, and authors have freedom to turn this genre into whatever erotic adventurous tale they desire. Readers will find the characters sweet, innocent, realistic, but seductive and charismatic favorites. All too often, these tales of urban bliss deal with real life situations. Blending the line between reality and fantasy however, authors and readers alike will quickly find themselves immersed in a new town where sex quite literally comes knocking on every door.

Urban Fantasy

Erotically  Paranormal Elements In a Modern Setting

Sophie's Decision

Allison Heather

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Trophy Mom

E.R.O. Scott

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A Tale of Forbidden Love, by Meredith Jaussaud

A Tale of Forbidden Love

Meredith Jaussaud

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Fireflies: An Immaculate Conception - by Amicus

Fireflies: An Immaculate Conception


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The Spells of Danica - by Houston Cei

The Spells of Danica

Houston Cei

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Papa Bear Goes Hunting - The Gods Must Be Horny No.1 - by Jenny Dreadful

Papa Bear Goes Hunting

The Gods Must Be Horny No.1

Jenny Dreadful

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I, Demon Slave - by Kristine Lichtlider

I, Demon Slave

Kristine Lichtlider

More Info +
Earth Angel - by Jeff DeLuna

Earth Angel

Jeff DeLuna

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Southern Superstition

Lily Weidner

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Just Vining Around - by Talia Trace

Just Vining Around

Talia Trace

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Tentacles at the Zoo - by Talia Trace

Tentacles at the Zoo

Talia Trace

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Carnal Dreams - by Dee Dawning

Carnal Dreams

Dee Dawning

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Family Exotica

Lot's Cave

Mediplex - Mediplex Story No.1 - by Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews


Mediplex Story No.1

Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

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Mediplex - The Complete Story - by Morgan Destera and Bradford Matthews


The Complete Stories

Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

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Mediplex - Mediplex No.2 - by Morgan Destera and Bradford Matthews


Mediplex Story No.2

Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

More Info +
Mediplex - Mediplex No.3 - by Morgan Destera and Bradford Matthews


Mediplex Story No.3

Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

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