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Transgender Romance Erotica
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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It's Relatively Taboo...

The gender fluidity of people has been documented for centuries. Many terms have come to describe various aspects of sexual identity. For those who identify as both sexes, the traditional term has always been that of hermaphroditism.

Naturally occurring in multiple species across the animal kingdom, hermaphrodites are capable of sexually reproducing on their own. In humans however, hermaphrodites have sex organs of both sexes but lack the ability to reproduce on their own.

With sexual characteristics usually associated with both genders, hermaphrodites prefer to identify themselves as intersex. In recent years however, there has been an increased awareness of hermaphrodites or intersex individuals. Japan’s growing popularity in comic books, anime, and manga has produced intersex characters. Funatari, essentially erotic material between intersex and non-intersex individuals, has become popular in today’s society.

Whether looked at as hermaphrodites, intersex, or gender fluid individuals, people have started recognizing non-binary gender possibilities. Within the erotic community, authors are starting to include such individuals and sexual turn-ons. Readers have always been able to find a surplus of erotic material from Japan, but today, readers are excited to see stories reflecting their own cultures and character perspectives.

With so many possible ways to explore gender and gender identities, what will authors write next?

Gender Bender,Gender Swap

Transgender, Transvestite, Futanari & Androgynous Romance

Whipped Crème - by Lily Weidner

Whipped Crème

Lily Weidner

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Sophie's Decision

Allison Heather

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What She Wants - by Lola Ryder

What She Wants

Lola Ryder

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P.I. Kimberley Logan: Lost Formula - by Allison Heather

P.I. Kimberley Logan:

Lost Formula

Allison Heather

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Family Exotica

Lot's Cave

EEK! - I'm a Woman - by Dee Dawning

EEK! - I'm a Woman

Dee Dawning

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Deflowered by My Futa Doctor - by Veronica Sloan

Deflowered by My Futa Doctor

Veronica Sloan

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Suddenly Futanari - by Veronica Sloan

Suddenly Futanari

Veronica Sloan

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His Sissy Son ~ by C. Caine

His Sissy Son

C. Caine

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Paul's Vengeance ~ by M.B. Linders

Paul's Vengeance

M.B. Linders

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Sergeant Daddy ~ by M.B. Linders

Sergeant Daddy

M.B. Linders

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