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Holiday Romance Erotica
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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Filthy Festivities

It's Relatively Taboo...

Holidays have always brought out the kinkier side of individuals determined to celebrate the changing of the season. Since the beginning of time, stories of intimate get together's have been the thing of legend. No matter the religious significance or rules of the day, entire societies have all agreed, people need a good release every now and again.

Today, these drunken feasts have turned into more subdued, but far kinkier affairs. Family themes have always run deep within the subconscious mind, and intimate interactions between relatives once or twice a year seem perfect for that special bliss to finally occur in secret. Often enough, holidays provide a break from the regular dull routine of the workday, and there’s no telling what people will do with their sudden freedom!

Kinky temptations have no specific time of year, though Halloween and Christmas seems to be quite popular. Perhaps this is because Halloween focuses on becoming someone else for a night, while Christmas is a magical time where even lusty depraved wishes might come true! Readers now avidly seek out a new perspective to their longstanding traditions… maybe even establishing a new kind of family celebration.

A New Halloween Game

John E. Jay

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Happy Holidays

Erotic, Érotique, Erótico, Erotikus, Erotisk, Erotisch, Erotico

Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise, by C. Shields

Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise

C. Shields

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Tricked or Treated, by M.F. Paul

Tricked & Treated

M.F. Paul

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Christmas Candy - by Amicus

Christmas Candy


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Twas the Night Before Christmas...The Story - by Baron LeSade

Twas the Night Before Christmas...The Story

Baron LeSade

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Mom's Special Christmas Present - by R.M. Dexter

Mom's Special Christmas Present

R.M. Dexter

More Info +
Morgana's Christmas - by Baron LeSade

Morgana's Christmas

Baron LeSade

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My Naughty Billionaire - Bored Housewife No.3 - by Lola Ryder

My Naughty Billionaire

Bored Housewife No.3

Lola Ryder

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Family Exotica

Lot's Cave

Holiday Bonding - Surely Wilder

Holiday Bonding

A Wilder Short

Surely Wilder

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Trick or Treat - by Angel Scott

Trick or Treat

Angel Scott

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Halloween Nudists - by R. Richard

Halloween Nudists

R. Richard

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All Wrapped-Up for Christmas - by Malicia Paine

All Wrapped-Up for Christmas

Malicia Paine

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All I Want For Christmas Is My Sister's Ass - by Jessica Bella

All I Want For Christmas Is My Sister's Ass

Jessica Bella

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Banging My Sister On Halloween - by Jessica Bella

Banging My Sister On Halloween

Jessica Bella

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Santa's Anal Punishment - by Jade Summers

Santa's Anal Punishment

Jade Summers

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Christmas with Henry ~ by Ariella Melusine

Christmas with Henry

Ariella Melusine

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