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Erotica Tales of Ghosts & Zombies
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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Hauntingly Erotic

It's Relatively Ghostly...

Echoes of a not so forgotten era, ghosts have almost redefined paranormal romance. Seen as a way to interact with the past, ghosts are not like other paranormal creatures.

Ghosts highlight human desires many left unexplored. With a second chance at romance and desire, ghosts haunt their human lovers in erotic and often irresistible ways. Behind every ghost is a person who longs to find one last romance, one last lover, and one last moment of bliss.

Zombies, however, have become a new part of the erotic paranormal genre as well. These mindless creatures only desire sex, by their captured human partners Because of this initial resistance, many authors highlight reluctant sex within their book’s pages. Zombies however, aren’t always the main characters of these erotic books. At times, zombies fuel the passion between two humans caught in an apocalyptic world. The interactions between humans and zombies have never been more explored.

While many readers will find contrasting differences between ghosts and zombies, these creatures still remain seductive to human readers. Whether echoes of the past, or the warnings of an apocalyptic world yet to come, zombies and ghosts appeal to reader’s sexual curiosity. The lusts, forgotten romances, and desires left unspoken continue to be topics frequently explored by authors.

With so many different romances to explore, how will readers and authors define this genre next?

Ghosts & Zombies

Ghastly Supernatural and Creepy Paranormal Erotica

Submissive Zombie Slut

Lily Weidner

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Southern Superstition

Lily Weidner

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The Ghost - Close for Comfort No.4 - by Tristan Sparrow

The Ghost

Close for Comfort No.4

Tristan Sparrow

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The Dance - Close for Comfort No.5 - by Tristan Sparrow

The Dance

Close for Comfort No.5

Tristan Sparrow

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Close for Comfort Anthology, by Tristan Sparrow

Close for Comfort Anthology

Tristan Sparrow

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Family Exotica

Lot's Cave

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Ghosts in Love Possess a Father and Daughter ~ by Zehn Harlock

Ghosts in Love Possess a Father and Daughter

Zehn Harlock

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