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Gay Brother-Brother Incest Erotica, Stories, and Novels
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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Gay Brother Incest

It's Relatively Taboo...

Jesus did not condemn incest. Nor did he condemn homosexuality.

That's correct, through mere omission Jesus endorsed incestuous marriage. Surely incest was practiced in Jesus' time, yet he didn't address it once in any of his sermons. It never made the holy to-do list. Instead, he was concerned with feeding the poor and recycling. He stayed out of people's sex lives.

The separation of church and state forbids us to use religious arguments in political and legal debates. Therefore the Bible should never be used as a political or legal argument against cases of incest either.

But whenever this separation is broken by well intentioned preachers or holy roller do-gooders, does this not give explicit permission to the defender of incest to use the Biblical defense?

With gay brothers, the biological argument against incest due to potential birth defective baby's becomes moot. Since gay men can marry legally, why stand in the way of gay brothers getting married?

I cannot think of any argument against gay brother incest, can you?

Gay Sibling Incest

Brother–Brother Gay Incest Erotica & Romance Novels

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Gambling On My Step

Lucrezia Lannister

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Stepbrother Romance

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The Twin's Bond

Hayden L. Crow

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Brothers in Arms - by Douglas Mayweather

Brothers in Arms

Douglas Mayweather

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Lot's Cave

In My Brother's Arms - Eight Gay Brother Stories - by Douglas Mayweather

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Colleen: The Youngsters - Family Love Epic 5 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: The Youngsters

Family Love Epic No.5

Steven Michaels

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Brother's Lust - by Douglas Mayweather

Brother's Lust

Seven Gay Brother Incest Stories

Douglas Mayweather

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Brother Lovers - 11 Gay Brother Incest Stories - by Douglas Mayweather

Brother Lovers

Eleven Gay Brother Incest Stories

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Horny Young Men - Seven Gay Incest Stories - by Douglas Mayweather

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