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ZondarTheBear - Author

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Is Relatively Taboo...

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My Book List

Is Banned On Amazon...


Making Faith Wet Her Diaper - by ZondarTheBear

Making Faith Wet Her Diaper


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ZondarTheBear is a man. And a Bear. And a Zondar.

Don't ask what any of that means, because attempting to answer you might make him drag his brain out of the rusty strongbox where he stores it, and nobody wants that, trust me.

Zondar's words of nasty fun do not come from Mayberry, or North Carolina nor anywhere else that you might take the wife and kiddies to visit on a sunny Spring day.

The stuff that falls out of his mostly empty head comes from New Orleans, via the dark, wrinkled asshole of Satan's slutty daughter, and her almost-too-nice best friend, Karla Sue.

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ZondarTheBear writes...

My stories are wet and nasty and they burrow deep into the shadows of those dark places that we all own, but mostly refuse to acknowledge. My stuff will always be teased from that dark dirty place with an oversized broken pencil, but I will always strive to bring a bit of golden light into the shadows of his disgusting prose, in spite of its soiled yellow origins.

Public Bathroom Rape - by ZondarTheBear

Public Bathroom Rape


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Raping His Innocent Daughter - by ZondarTheBear

Raping His Innocent Daughter


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