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Vinod Nair - Author

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Vinod Nair

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A Letter From Vinod Nair ...

I’ve never had the good fortune of enjoying sexual intimacy with my closest female relatives – Yet I’ve always had an open mind about incest and even managed to facilitate a few incestuous relationships among consenting adults, one of which is still going strong more than fourteen years later.

As a young man, I became romantically involved with an attractive woman who had just turned forty. She was coping with a divorce and her nineteen-year old son.  

Although her son was not aggressive against me, he clearly resented my unwelcome presence in their lives. In due course I figured out that my lady friend had selected me as the new man in her life mostly to act as a ‘buffer’ between her and her son, who had confessed his longing for her on many occasions.

Confused and alarmed by her son’s desire to be her ‘man’, the woman had taken what she felt was an appropriate measure to put distance between her and the only son who she obviously adored.

Once I became fully aware of the situation, I persuaded my friend that she was making a big mistake by denying herself a relationship with her son that would be far more satisfying than anything she would ever experience with me or any other man.

Being an intelligent and educated woman, she fortunately understood the many benefits I pointed out and made a move in the right direction, allowing her son to seduce her.

Although we stopped each other seeing each other soon after she became sexually intimate with her (obviously) delighted son, the woman and her son still keep me posted on their life. Now married to his first cousin, and a father of three children, the son still stays close and intimate with his now 55 year old mother, who has never re-married, and helps her run the family’s business.

Mother and son continue to enjoy sex with the full knowledge and support of his wife, who is totally comfortable with incest and is open to the possibility of introducing their own children (two sons and a daughter) to its benefits - if they show any inclination towards it when they become of age.

All my stories about incest are inspired by this and other incidents that I either observed or experienced.

I believe that incest between consenting adults (related by blood or by marriage into another family) should not be condemned as ‘deviant’ behavior, but encouraged whenever possible.

 I will feel heartened if my stories encourage people to regard incest as something that is entirely natural, and perhaps, inspire them to enjoy it without any guilt if they ever get the opportunity to do so instead of regarding incest with the shock and horror that is the usual reaction of highly religious, under-educated, and totally conventional people.


Vinod Nair

Indian Family Lust

Vinod Nair

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Indian Family Love, by Vinod Nair

Indian Family Love

Vinod Nair

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Lot’s Cave received the following letter from Mr. Viod Nair which described why he likes to write incest fiction, and felt it sufficiently interesting to publish – with his permission, of course. It begins as follows, and is continued below:

Dear Mr. Phaedrus Wolfe,

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Indian Family Heat - by Vinod Nair

Indian Family Heat

Vinod Nair

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