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Tommy Mackson - Author

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Tommy Mackson

The tremendous impact of a father's attitudes and behavior upon a growing daughter has been emphasized repeatedly by psychologists. Indeed, a dad's influence often carries over into a girl's later years, leaving an indelible mark upon her personality.

This influence can be for the good, as when a daughter grows into a mature and happy adult, or for the bad, as when the daughter grows into a confused outsider.

My stories feature impressionable teenaged daughters whose relationships with their billionaire fathers threaten to leave indelible marks on their personalities if the potentially dangerous situation in which they finds themselves is not changed. Their fathers refuse to let go, and the girls, feeling everything her fatherís do must be right, allows him to lead her down a forbidden path. But who is to say they are wrong?

I hope you enjoy my Billionaire Daddy Stories.

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The Implication - Father Daughter Incest Bundle - by Tommy Mackson

The Implication

Father Daughter Incest Bundle

Tommy Mackson

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