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Peter Magnum - Author

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Peter Magnum

Peter Magnum loves writing his latest boundary pushing reads, all of which stem from his own taboo fantasies.

With his fantasies dwelling on incest and incestuous relationships, Peter Magnumís stories often explore the motivations behind every family dynamic. Asking thought provoking questions, Peter Magnum never knows which societal line his stories will cross next.

Crossing all societal lines, Peter Magnumís books are filled with controversial characters. Portraying intelligent individuals in sexually charged situations, readers might just find Peter Magnumís stories hitting close to home.

Covering subjects seen as too taboo to publish, Peter Magnumís stories can only be found here on Lotís Cave!

Watch for more Peter Magnum novels coming soon.

Daddyís Confession - by Peter Magnum

Daddyís Confession

Peter Magnum

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