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Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD - Author

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Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD

Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays - by Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD

Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays

Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD

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Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD (1941-) is a retired professor of psychology at a prestigious Danish university.

A student of all aspects of human sexuality, Dr. Sigurdsen was a frequent contributor to slick paper porn magazines in the early 1970s, when a great deal of pretentious scientific bullshit was considered important for providing "redeeming social value" in any magazine featuring beautiful naked women flaunting their private parts.

A participant in a Danish "genius" sperm donor program, Dr. Sigurdsen is believed to have over 300 children he's never met.

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