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Mx. Electra Oedipus - Author

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Mx. Electra Oedipus

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! an arousing anthology series chronicling the sexploits of various characters and families living and working in a town in your area. Stroke along as we peek behind the closed doors in the Newport Estate where the majority of the chain-smoking, leather-clad concupiscent relatives indulge in coke-fueled incest. Each book will be a continuation of the series and every volume will contain, generally, 3 forbidden cum-shots. Each story will be a separate piece but the stories connect, collide and interlock Ė individual pieces in the orgy jigsaw.

Predominantly incest based. Ranging from multiple holes filled simultaneously by every related relative openly or kept a family secret between select members. Laced with smoking, leather and cocaine fetishes; every dark corner of sinister lust and dangerous desire are explored, revealed and cheaply fucked behind closed doors. Happy ends for some while others are not so fortunate.  

I welcome any constructive feedback; both writing and P.R. wise and am open to working to tailor stories or books to certain requirements. In this current climate my motto is: 50 bucks Gramps, for 75 the wife can watch.

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Behind Closed Doors ~ Behind Closed Doors No.1 ~ by Mx. Electra Oedipus

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors No.1

Mx. Electra Oedipus

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