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M.F. Paul - Author

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M.F. Paul

A Mom's Story, by M.F. Paul

A Momís Story

M.F. Paul

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I want to make my stories as interesting and entertaining as I can.

A difficulty with that is they are about incest, a big no-no to a lot of people.

But if there were circumstances in the stories that would allow is to take a fresh look at this apparently unusual expression of our sexuality, perhaps we could learn to relax about it.

Rules have exceptions, of course. Those exceptions should also apply to our ideas about incest.

Perhaps as a taboo it is a bit outmoded, and, looked at anew, we can learn that in many circumstances, maybe most, it deserves to be included in our modern notion that sex between consenting adults is as normal and American as apple pie.

Getting rid of the shame and furtiveness that bedevil our notions of sex in our culture and restoring it to its proper place as one of the best and profound expressions of our humanity will make us a happier country.

As the English poet William Blake said long ago: "Damn braces, bless relaxes."

Tricked or Treated, by M.F. Paul

Tricked & Treated

M.F. Paul

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Sex Therapist, by M. F. Paul

Sex Therapist

M.F. Paul

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A Personal Note From M.F. Paul ...

If you have comments, I would like to hear from you. You can reach me by email at:

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Mom Finally Becomes June - by M.F. Paul

Mom Finally Becomes June

M.F. Paul

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