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Leona Marisol - Author

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Leona Marisol

Daddy's Rough Birthday Present - by Leona Marisol

Daddy's Rough Birthday Present

Leona Marisol

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Normal erotica might be nice once in a while, but why focus on stories that could happen in real life when the only limit should be your fantasy?

That is Leona Marisol's slogan and the cause for her to write all kinds of impossible stories, most of which involve women taken by creatures that do not exist.

Dragons, golems, and especially tentacle beasts. After all, what greater pleasure could there be than having every single hole stuffed at once?

And then there are forbidden fantasies, like relatives lusting after each other till they can't keep their desire in check any longer.

Those might get a little bit rough, but it's still just a fantasy. So why not check out more of her stories?

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