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Kaye Bee - Author

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About the Author

We Find It Interesting...

Kaye Bee

Immoral Authority - by Kaye Bee

Immoral Authority

Kaye Bee

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Iím driven to write by my fond memories of the many furtive moments of breathless discovery I shared with my brother and sister as a young teen.

All these years later, thereís a lot of that naughty little girl still inside me, and Iíve found that creating dirty stories is an excellent way to satisfy her (or should I say our) prurient desires.

If you enjoy reading the filthy fantasies of a seemingly upstanding member of the community who is really an undercover pervert, then I think youíll come to appreciate my stories.

(Just donít tell the other ladies at my church!)

Mom Needs Her Son - by Kaye Bee

Mom Needs Her Son

Kaye Bee

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Love Her Like a Daughter - by Kaye Bee

Love Her Like a Daughter

Kaye Bee

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Curious Cousin - by Kaye Bee

Curious Cousin

Kaye Bee

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Sexting Mom - by Kaye Bee

Sexting Mom

Kaye Bee

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