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Kathy Harris - Author

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About the Author

We Find It Interesting...

Kathy Harris

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Kathy Harris’ stories cross all societal boundaries in favor of hot, passionate, and often adventurous sex.

You will find each title full of non-stop sex content almost too hot to handle.

What makes Kathy Harris’ books still sought today? The boundary pushing content has only become more controversial with time!

Other Information

A Note Regarding 1970’s Era Erotica ...

The Greenleaf Classics contain some of the 4,300 books which were published under a variety of company names, author names, and imprints, from 1959 until 1983. The entire group is now informally known as 'the vintage Greenleaf Classics' and reside today in the public domain.

The owners and publishers of Greenleaf Classics were convicted of obscenity and spent time in prison. While enjoying this collection, please consider the price paid to produce this legacy which allows Lot's Cave to exist and publish new authors today.

The primary source of all adult sex novels between 1959 to 1980—the period his vintage collection covers—was Greenleaf publishing owned by William Hamling.

Hamling kept Stanley Fleishman, his First Amendment lawyer, busy in cases defending his right to publish and distribute erotic fiction in many obscenity prosecutions that tried to destroy Greenleaf Classics. The winning results in those trials established the case law that we enjoy now. Lot’s Cave and today’s erotic ebook market exists only because of the risky work done for Greenleaf Classics and the legal precedents they set.

Hamling won nearly every trial. J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon both had certain issues with sexuality of which the public remained unaware. They took person affront over Greenleaf Classics sex novels being published, and used their position and power to repeatedly go after Hamling. The Feds eventually won out.

Hamling and his editor, Earl Kemp, were both convicted of obscenity in a federal court and forced out of business in 1974. The conviction was not over a book, but over mailing a promotional brochure about a book.

Hot Eager Mom - by Kathy Harris

Hot Eager Mom

Kathy Harris

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