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Jeff DeLuna - Author

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Jeff DeLuna

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A Personal Note From Jeff DeLuna ...

To all fans of romance and especially to fans of Martha,

Hi. Those of us who are in love with love share a common appetite for stories of true love and lust. I feel a camaraderie with you and hope that Martha touched you in a special way. After I had written it I had a feeling unlike I've ever had before: I was so proud to have created the characters of Kay and Martha.

Each of them is so real to me - The pious married woman who has never been in love and so desperately needs to feel that genuine connection and thrill, and the ravishing girl who is just beginning her journey of sexual expression and feeling truly loved and wanted for who she is. They could be our neighbors. I wish they were. I hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Earth Angel is Jeff DeLunaís second novel published by Lotís Cave. His first novel, Martha, has been critically acclaimed for the quality of its writing and its genuineness as a real romance, including vibrant elements of erotica. The primary love story in Martha was about two women who fell in love. The primary love story in Earth Angel is about a heterosexual love that survived time and elements of sadistic physical, sexual and emotional abuse to bring two soul mates together. His descriptions are vivid and some are not for the faint-of-heart. Jeff loves a good love story and he writes a great one. He has written female domination stories, domination and submission love stories, lesbian romances, mystical romances, and conventional romances. He says, ďIíve always been in love with love and attempt to give my readers an entertaining and stimulating account of all of its varieties and flavors.Ē

You can find other books written by Jeff DeLuna at, a site not related to Lotís Cave, as well as on his authorís page at Amazon (link).

About the Author

We Find It Interesting...

Earth Angel - by Jeff DeLuna

Earth Angel

Jeff DeLuna

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Martha - by Jeff DeLuna


Jeff DeLuna

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Jeff DeLuna took easily to the role of romance writer. Even as a child he let melancholy and romanticism rule his world. After his formal education and during his career as a civil servant, he pined for the perfect love and valued his interaction with women above all else. He found the perfect girl and, after twenty wonderful years with her, she was taken from him. He searched for a woman to fill the huge void left in his life, but found none. He knew he would never find a replacement for his soulmate, so he began exploring different types of love and sex, including BDSM, D/s, thoughts of barely legal, incest and other taboo experiences. The knowledge and excitement he gained from his adventures are evident in all his writings. He is still a romantic and is looking for The One.

But, in the meantime, observing, participating in and writing about love and sex that pushes the limit of public acceptability keeps him craving life, sex and love.

He enjoys seeing and feeling things through the eyes of others, as is evident in his latest lesbian romance, Martha. The joy and heartbreak of finally finding love in an unexpected place is not gender-specific. Jeff is able to describe these passions within a story filled with romance and lust among several women.

Jeff has previously written and had published several femdom stories and is currently working on a novel which combines pure love with sadistic dominance and the craving of humiliating submission. The story includes several incidents Jeff himself has experienced or seeks to experience.