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James Hawthorn - Author

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Is Relatively Taboo...

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James Hawthorn

About the Author

We Find It Interesting...

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James Hawthorn likes writing stories about a time every adult has faced; that fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It was a frightening and confusing time, but one which held lessons which will remain for a lifetime.

Remember when…?

Something about youth that encourages young people to try the unknown, the forbidden. The taboo, the illicit, appear more exciting and attractive. Is this because young people feel that now is the time for them to “do their own thing”. Or, perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon.

I hope you enjoy my books.

In Our Son's Bed ~ A Different Bed No.1 ~ by James Hawthorn

In Our Son's Bed

A Different Bed No.1

James Hawthorn

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