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Goddess Pleasure - Author

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Goddess Pleasure

Finding Love and Ecstasy With You - by Goddess Pleasure

Finding Love and Ecstasy With You

Goddess Pleasure

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British erotica author, Goddess Pleasure writes steamy, pulse-racing, erotic tales to provide you with scorching-hot escapism and a highly-pleasurable experience. Some future works involve: shifters, vampires, werewolves, LBGT, Gothic erotica, paranormal erotica, milfs, erotic thrillers and mysteries/'whodunnits', erotic romance, erotic comedy, erotic sci-fi and lots more.

She's creating lots of different, wildly-hot tales to get you horny and happy and promises to bring a highly-entertaining, well-written and enjoyable read for you as she takes the utmost pride in her writing and strives to give her readers the very best that she can produce and deliver. Her stories are on lots of different websites/retailers, and they can be read on multiple devices.

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Other Information

A Personal Note From the Goddess Pleasure...

Iíve been working on publishing every single story, not just in e-book format, but also in paperback print and audio versions for readers too. Thank you for reading my work, it is very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy a fun-filled, sensual and pleasurable day and come again. Soon... Iíll have many new stories on the way, monthly, to bring you as much pleasure and enjoyment as possible.

Take care and have a fabulous day. She sincerely hopes that you enjoy a sensual, erotic and very horny dayÖ

Hucow Heights - Lusty Lactation No.1 - by Goddess Pleasure

Hucow Heights

Lusty Lactation No.1

Goddess Pleasure

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Hucow Heights - Lusty Lactation No.2 - by Goddess Pleasure

Hucow Heights

Lusty Lactation No.2

Goddess Pleasure

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