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Francis D. “Frank” Ritter - Author

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Francis D. “Frank” Ritter

Sex, Lies and the Bible, by Francis D. "Frank" Ritter

Sex, Lies and the Bible

Francis D. "Frank" Ritter

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A Personal Note From Francis D. “Frank” Ritter ...

Frank also writes adult thrillers (“R” rated action, “X” rated sex). His first novel, The Killing Games, is an E-book at Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble. His next adult thriller, The Devil’s Crib, is due out this spring.

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Private Investigator, author, novelist, multiple-award winning playwright.

Frank, a P.I. for 38 years and a member of Mensa, earned his degree as a history major. Combining his research ability with his proven investigative ability, he created Sex, Lies and the Bible: How Human Sexual Behavior Is Controlled Though The Corruption Of The Bible, which is the result of 40 years of research.

This book is not an attack on Christianity or Scriptures. It began as his personal journey to learn the “truth” about the sexual condemnations in both the Old and New Testaments. He was stunned to learn that each version of the New Testament is copy-righted. This means each version is required to be at minimum at least 20% different from all others.

Out of those differences grew his challenge to those who would warn us that we will be condemned to hell for engaging in certain sexual acts because “it says so in the Bible.” This stance neglects to mention that many of these condemnations were only added within the last few years, decades or centuries by those wishing to control us.

Frank promises that you have never read any book quite like Sex, Lies and the Bible. It is his fervent hope that this book will encourage all who read it, to think.

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