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F.C.Ledger - Author

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My Secret Life


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Innocent Bride Seeded By The Wedding Party - Filled To The MAX No.1 - by F.C.Ledger

Innocent Bride Seeded By The Wedding Party


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A Personal Note From F.C.Ledger ...

Never one to turn down a dare, I found out how difficult it actually is to write good characters and a decent storyline. Still smarting from the dare, I chose a genre that would shock and amuse my friends... and this certainly did. I call myself a work in progress and thereís lots to come. But hereís a volume to share with you now and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Before plunking down in Vermont where I live on 5 acres of wooded splendor with my husband, 2 daughters, 4 golden labs, 2 crazy rabbits and visiting deer, I had been a teacher, cook, florist and even did a stint during college at a winery in Napa valley. How I turned to writing is a story in itself.

I got into writing romance on a dare. Once a month I meet with fellow romance book enthusiasts at this lovely English tea room known for their strawberry scones and clotted cream and we talk about books weíve read the previous month. Books we enjoyed. Books we didnít. Books we recommend. Books we donít.

With typical bravado, I commented a while back that I could write better than an author whose work we were tearing apart for its minimal plot and unbelievable characters. My friends turned and dared me to try my hand.

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